Top Hitters in Cuban League

November 26th, 2014

The National Series took a break while their players participated in the Central American championship. They won the gold medal beating Nicaragua 9-3. With the many defections of Cuban players to the major leagues it gives others the opportunity for other players to fill the void. Below are the top hitters for each team. We will go into the top pitchers perhaps tomorrow.

Matanzas (22-11)

Yadiel Hernandez - .354, 2, 20 with a team leading 9 doubles. 30/16 walk to whiff ratio with a 1.001 OPS
Dainer Moreira - .365, 0, 20 with 24 runs scored, tied for team lead with Yadiel

They lost their offensive second baseman Jose Fernandez (.315, 1, 12)

Granma (18-11)

Alfredo Despaigne - .440, 2, 11. Only has played nine games since his return from Japan.
Lazaro Cedeno - .343, 7, 21. A 1.036 OPS should return a dynamic two sluggers to Stallions offense
Urmani Guerra - .248, 5, 21
Roel Santos - .370, 0, 7. 24 runs scored and a 28/4 walk to whiff ratio

Artemisa (20-13)

Dariel Crespo - .340, 1, 14
Victor Munoz - .293, 4, 15. A team leading .908 OPS

A team noted more for its pitching.

Ciego de Avila (18-14)

Humberto Morales - .278, 5, 18
Yorelvis Charles - .383, 2, 18 - a team leading .956 OPS
Jose Garcia - .381, 1, 18. 5 for 10 in stolen base attempts
Yoelvis Fiss - .283, 4, 19. Team leading 8 doubles.

Isla de la Juventud (17-14)

Rigobert Gomez - .317, 0, 17. 6 for 6 in stolen bases and a 17/3 walk to whiff ratio.
Luis Rivera - .333, 0, 19

Team only has three homeruns shared among three players in 31 games played.

Industriales (18-15)

Lourdes Gourriel - .339, 6, 26 (younger brother of Yulieski having a breakout season). 24 runs scored tops on team.
Yulieski Gouriel - .167 (just returned from playing in Japan)
Alexander Malleta - .276, 5, 23

Villa Clara (17-15)

Yeniet Perez - .318, 4, 23 with a .911 OPS
Yuniet Flores - .347, 0, 7. 12 doubles, two ahead of Perez.
Yordanis Linares - .356, 1, 16. 6 for 9 in stolen bases.
Ariel Borrero - .282, 0, 11

Guantanamo (16 - 17)

Giorbis Duvergel - .409, 5, 20 with a 1.164 OPS and 23/10 walk to whiff ratio.
Luis Sanchez - .353, 0, 20
Julio Martinez - .357, 1, 15

Santiago de Cuba (16 - 17)

Reutilio Hurtado - .250, 4, 17. 21 runs scored leads team.
Alexei Bell - .357, 5, 13. 5 for 7 in stolen bases and 20 runs scored. 28/11 walk to whiff ratio. 1.123 OPS
Luis La O Camacho - .331, 0, 20. Only 2 whiffs in 146 plate appearances.

Pinar del Rio (14-15)

Luis Valdes - .419, 3, 24 with a 1.045 OPS
Lazaro Alonso - .417, 3, 18 with a 1.233 OPS.
Osniel Madera - .315, 4, 15

Las Tunas (14-17)

Yosvani Alarcon - .359, 8, 27 with a 1.030 OPS. 26 runs scored leads team.
Yordanis Alarcon - .368, 5, 18 with a 1.112 OPS.
Yordan Batiste - .324, 1, 16 with 9 doubles.
Yordan Alvarez - .377, 0, 8 but with no extra base hits and 29 singles.

Holquin (14-17)

Yeison Pacheco - .318, 4, 17
Maikel Caceres - .318, 6, 16
Yordan Manduley - .318, 1, 16 with 7 doubles

Sancti Spiritus (14-18)

Frederich Cepeda - still has not played a game since his return from Japan but participated in the Central American championship.
Livan Monteagudo - .252, 7, 21
Yunier Mendoza - .367, 0, 17
Jorge Aloma - .300, 2, 14. Leads team in runs scored with 21

Cienfuegos (14-19)

Juan Vazquez - .297, 0, 22 with 9 doubles
Juan Soriano - .292, 2, 21
Yusniel Ibanez - .336, 1, 14 with 9 doubles

Lost to the major leagues Jose Abreu and Yasiel Puig.

Camaguey (12 - 21)

Dary Bartolome - .243, 5, 11
Alexander Ayala - .308, 3, 17

Mayabeque (11-21)

Jorge Barcelan - .360, 3, 15. 1.104 OPS and a 20/6 walk to whiff ratio. 20 runs scored leads team.
Dennis Laza - .305, 2, 16 with 12 doubles.

Korean Foreign Hitters Given Boot

November 25th, 2014

In a league strong on offense, many of the Korean teams gave their foreign hitters the boot. Five of the nine teams said goodbye to their foreign bats. The list of those players are below:

Doosan Bears - Jorge Cantu
LG Twins - Brad Snyder (a late season pick up but the Twins did not like what they saw)
Nexen Heroes - Vinny Rottino (played the bench for most of the season)
Lotte Giants - Luis Jimenez (Brett Pill type numbers - .315, 14, 61, but injuries limited him to 12 less games)
SK Wyverns - Luke Scott (troubled by injuries - no surprise there)

The teams who were happy with their foreign players:

Samsung Lions _ Yamaico Navarro (set the offense from the leadoff spot providing Ricky Henderson type power numbers)
NC Dinos - Eric Thames (One of the top sluggers in the league)
Kia Tigers - Brett Pill (didn’t seem to provide top level offense - 309- 19-65)
Hanwha Eagles - Felix Pie (despite his outbursts of anger with the manager)

Lucas Harrell signed with the LG Twins. Myworld attends all the Houston Astros spring training games and there were a couple Asian guys who were always around with their video when Lucas pitched. We assumed they were Japanese. They may have wanted to sign him last year.

Puerto Rico Winter League Update

November 25th, 2014

San Juan has returned to the Puerto Rican Winter League. Their performance has been absent early in the season.

Indios de Mayguez (11-6)

Kennys Vargas (.291, 4, 13) hopes to have his power numbers for the Indios show for the Twins. He leads the team in RBIs and his 16/10 walk to whiff ratio is impressive for a power hitter. Andrew Velasquez (.314, 2, 6) is top on the team in stolen bases, stealing five of six and tied for first in runs scored with 11. Luis Figueroa (.338, 1, 8) has also scored 11 runs.

Andrew Barbosa (0-1, 2.08) and Jorge Lopez (0-1, 1.65) have each started four games but have yet to be credited for a win, despite impressive ERAs. Bradin Hagins (2-0, 3.66) has started five games and won two despite a less than impressive ERA. He also leads the team in whiffs with 26. Fernando Cabrera (1.00, 6 saves) is the closer with a 0.56 WHIP in nine appearances covering 9 innings. Jonathan Albaladejo (1-0, 0.00) has been impressive in a setup role, striking out 15 in 11 innings and keeping the opponents scoreless in his appearances.

Criollos de Caguas (10-7)

The top hitters have been Trevor Adams (.333, 3, 10) and Angel Sanchez (.313, 1, 10). The two are tied for the team lead in RBIs and Adams leads the team in runs scored with 13. Ramon Castro (.361, 0, 4) has five doubles as part of his 13 hits.

Jose de Leon (2-1, 1.13) has been unhittable in four starts. The opposition is hitting him at a .183 clip. The second start for Jose he did not give up a hit in five innings of work. He has not given up a run in three of his four starts. Logan Williamson (1-1, 3.80) threw a complete game shutout in his last start.

Gigantes de Carolina (9-7)

Tsukada Masayoshi (.393, 0, 4) has come over from Japan and gotten a hit in each of his 9 games. Anthony Garcia (.291, 3, 16) has been providing all the run production. Jesus Feliciano (.377, 1, 15) and Ozzie Martinez (.362, 2, 7) have been providing Garcia with many opportunities to drive in runs. Carlos Corporan (.277, 0, 7) only has 13 hits, but seven of them have been doubles.

Nine different pitchers have gotten the opportunity to start for Carolina. Giancarlo Alvarado (2-2, 4.94) leads the team in starts with five. J.C. Romero (1-0, 0.93, 3 saves) fills the closer role.

Cangrejeros de Santurce (8-9)

A.J. Jimenez (.367, 0, 8) is trying to make himself relevant for the Blue Jays catching job, or make himself attractive for a trade. Jordan Lennerton (.305, 1, 10) is second to Yadiel Rivera (.182, 2, 12) in RBIs. Delino Deshields (.234, 0, 3) has stolen five bases in seven attempts. Reymond Fuentes (.217, 1, 2) is now a Royal and is tied with Yadiel for the team lead in runs scored.

Joel Pineiro (1-2, 4.76) is still hanging on. Opponents are hitting .283 off him and he has only struck out 12 in 26 innings of work. Ivan Maldanado (1-1, 0.00) has given up five unearned runs in three starts. Jon Velasquez (0-1, 2.08, 5 saves) has been filling the closer role.

Senadores de San Juan (4-13)

No player on the Senadores is hitting over .300. Ruben Gotay (.288, 4, 10) leads the team in home runs and batting average. Jon Garcia (.259, 3, 11) is tops in RBIs. Marlins prospect Nolan Fontana (.138) has found the league to be a struggle.

Adalberto Flores (2-2, 2.40) has half of the teams wins. Ryan Kelly (1-0, 2.89, 2 saves) has been involved in three of the team’s four wins.

Playoff Shares Determined for Major League Players

November 24th, 2014

Many players in Japan play a full season before they earn what San Francisco Giants players earned for their World Series triumph, which amounted to about 13 games. Below are the full shares for each of the players on major league playoff teams:

San Francisco Giants - $388,605
Kansas City Royals - $230,699
Baltimore Orioles - $125,288
St. Louis Cardinals - $115, 480
Detroit Tigers - $31,543
Anaheim Angels - $29,844
Los Angeles Dodgers - $31,542
Washington Nationals - $29,418
Oakland Athletics - $15,266
Pittsburgh Pirates - $16,555

The player’s share of the gate comes from 50 percent of the gate receipts for the Wild Card game, 60 percent of the gate receipts of the first three games of the Division Series, 60 percent of the gate receipts of the first three games of the League championship series and 60 percent of the gate receipts of the first four games of the World Series.

Major League Baseball to Open in Japan in 2016

November 24th, 2014

While the major leaguers were playing the NPB All Stars Rob Manfred answered a number of questions in interviews while in Japan. Below are some of his thoughts:

1) Major League baseball hopes to open in Japan again in 2016. Two teams have yet to be determined and details have not been finalized.

2) The WBC tournament may expand the number of teams to participate in the qualifying rounds. The main event will continue to be the 16 team format, which is scheduled for 2017.

3) MLB supports baseball returning to the Olympics. The concern is the level of commitment. Because the games are played in the summer, during the middle of the major league season it makes it difficult for major leaguers to participate.

The interview questions can be found here:


Highest Paid Athletes in Sports

November 22nd, 2014

They say baseball is a dying sport. I’d like to know who they is. This dying sport has six players (or five since one player is listed twice) named as having the richest annual contracts. Giancarlo Stanton broke the record for most expensive contract ever with his $325 million contract over 13 years and he plays baseball for the Miami Marlins, a team known for their frugalness. Giancarlo just missed this list of top 22 contracts, falling at number 23 with fellow baseball players Felix Hernandez (Seattle Mariners), Cliff Lee and Ryan Howard (Philadelphia Phillies), Josh Hamilton (Texas Rangers) and football players Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions) and Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos). It is interesting to note that with the exception of Calvin Johnson, all the football players who made this list play the position of quarterback.

22. Alex Rodriguez ($25.2 million) 2001 - 2010 Texas Rangers (Baseball)
21. Justin Verlander ($25.7 million) 2013 - 2019 Detroit Tigers (Baseball)
20. Wayne Rooney ($26 million) 2014 - 2019 Manchester United (Soccer)
16. Tony Romo ($27.5 million) 2013 - 2018 Dallas Cowboys (Football)
16. Lewis Hamilton ($27.5 million) 2013 - 2015 Mercedes (Formulae One)
16. Fernando Alonso ($27.5 million) 2010 - 2014 Ferrari (Formulae One)
15. Zack Greinke ($28 million) 2012 - 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball)
14. Miguel Cabrera ($29.2 million) 2014 - 2023 Detroit Tigers (Baseball)
12. Joe Flacco ($30 million) 2013 - 2018 Baltimore Ravens (Football)
12. Matt Ryan ($30 million) 2013 - 2017 Atlanta Falcons (Football)
11. Clayton Kershaw ($30.15 million) 2014 - 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball)
10. Kobe Bryant ($30.5 million) 2013 - 2015 Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)
8. Michael Schumaker ($31 million) 1996 - 1999 Ferrari (Formulae One)
8. Tom Brady ($31 million) 2013 - 2018 New England Patriots (Football)
7. Matthew Stafford ($31.5 million) 2013 - 2026 Detroit Lions (Football)
6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic ($35 million) 2012 - 2016 Paris Saint - German (Soccer)
5. Aaron Rodgers ($40 million) 2014 - 2021 Green Bay Packers (Football)
4. Lionel Messi ($50.1 million) 2014 - 2019 Barcelona (Soccer)
3. Christiano Ronaldo ($50.2 million) 2013 - 2018 Real Madrid (Soccer)
2. Kimi Raikkonen ($51 million) 2007 - 2009 Ferrari (Formulae One)
1. Floyd Mayweather ($73.5 million) 2013 - 2015 Individual (Boxing)

Twins Win Posting Amount for Yang

November 22nd, 2014

The Minnesota Twins have won the posting amount for the second lefthander in Korea wishing to bolt the KBO to try their luck in the major leagues. Hyeon-Jong Yang of the Kia Tigers, had pitching numbers comprable to a previously posted left handed pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim. The Padres won the posting bid for Kim with an offer of $2 million and are currently negotiating with him for a contract.

Kim was 13-9 with a 3.42 ERA in 28 starts. He struck out 145 hitters in 173 innings. Yang was 16-8, 4.25 also in 28 starts. He struck out 165 hitters in 175 innings pitched. Neither pitcher led his team to the playoffs.

One player everyone is waiting for is shortstop Jung-Ho Kang of the Nexen Heroes. He led his team to the playoffs, hitting .356 with 40 homeruns and 117 RBIs. The KBO is an extremely high offensive league so the offensive numbers for the hitters are a bit inflated.

Cuba Wins Central American Championships

November 22nd, 2014

Cuba went with their ace Freddy Alvarez. He gave them six innings as Cuba glided over Nicaragua 9-3 to win gold in the Central American championships. Cuba delayed their professional season for two weeks to participate in this event.

Their three stars who had played in Japan during the summer, Frederich Cepeda, Alfredo Despaigne and Yulieski Gourriel were in the 3-4-5 spots in the lineup. Each of them contributed two hits and one RBI. The big run producer was Yadiel Hernandez, who drove in three runs. The defense for Nicaragua committed four errors to invite five unearned runs to score in the game.

A sellout crowd of 6,937 was at the Belo Avila Stadium in Vera Cruz, Mexico to witness the match. The Dominican Republic finished third with their 8-1 win over Puerto Rico earlier in the day. The boxscore for the Cuba/Nicaragua game can be found here:


Venezuelan Winter Update

November 22nd, 2014

It has been a long time since we have done a winter update. Myworld takes a look at the hot, or not so hot players in the Venezuelan winter league. It appears to be a two team race for the top spot between Caribes and Aguilas, but more than one team qualifies for the round robin playoff that qualifies you for an appearance in the Series del Caribe.

Caribes de Anzo√°tegui (25-10)

Oswaldo Arcia (.340, 4, 9) is their top hitter, the only player to have an OPS over 1.000 (1,113). He is a recent arrival who has only played 14 games. Niuman Romero (.330) leads the team in doubles (10) and is second to Arcia in average, but he has also played in 27 games. Orlando Arcia (.289, 7, 25) leads the team in homeruns, RBIs and runs scored (23). Independent league player of the year Balbino Fuenmayor (.328, 4, 15) has also carried a hot stick. He has only walked once in over 60 at bats so when he is at the plate Balbino is swinging.

Jose Alvarez (4-0, 1.03) leads the team in wins despite starting only one game. Opponents are hitting the lefthander for a .169 average and the 16 leafthanders who have faced him have yet to get a hit, with seven whiffs. Paolo Espino (3-0, 3.68) is the top starter. His 31 whiffs lead the team. Cody Hall has picked up 10 saves and has given up just one unearned run in his 15 innings of work. Pedro Rodriguez (0.48) is the top set up man, but has still picked up four saves. It is a mystery how Francisco Butto (4-2, 11.32) has picked up four wins with that ERA.

Aguilas del Zulia (24-10)

Giovanny Urshela (.398, 3, 22) may be done for the winter after hurting his knee. The Indians want him to rehab in a couple weeks at their spring training camp. The big RBI man on the team is Aaron Altherr (.286, 4, 27). He has also struck out 35 times in 31 games. Ali Castillo (.317, 1, 13) leads the team in runs scored with 24, leading the team in stolen bases with 11. Mark Minicozzi (.358, 3, 15) has an impressive 29/22 walk to whiff ratio. His .988 OPS leads the team. An Asian team might be wise to sign him.

Tim Dillard (4-1, 1.47) is picking off the vulture wins in his 16 relief appearances. He has picked up one save while the opposition hits him at a .138 clip. Yeiper Castillo (1-1, 1.50) only averages just over five innings per start, which could be a reason for all the Dillard victories. Eric Marzec (2-1, 2.57) has shown phenomenal control in his six starts with just two walks in 35 innings. Diego Moreno (3-0, 3.38) also takes advantage of vulture wins, but he also has picked up five saves.

Tigres de Aragua (19-14)

A poor 7-11 record on the road is a big reason for their third place standing. Ramon Flores (.390, 2, 9) and Teodoro Martinez (.360, 4, 19) are raking. Teodoro his three of his four homeruns in one game and Ramon upped his average with a six hit game. Renato Nunez (.281, 4, 22) is the top RBI bat on the team. Jose Martinez (.287, 2, 12) leads the team in runs scored (21) and doubles (10). Avisail Garcia (.250, 3, 11) is a recent addition to establish some power lost by the departure of Mike Hessman (.227, 1, 4).

Manny Correa (4-1, 4.92) has won mover than half his starts (7) but his other numbers are less than impressive (12/16 walk to whiff ratio in 38 innings). Chris Smith (2-2, 3.76) leads the team in K’s with 32 in 38 innings. Ronald Belsario (2-0, 1.32) has been designated for assignment despite his good winter. A 4/7 walk to whiff ratio in 13 plus innings seems to indicate he is getting hitters out without his usual heat. Jon Hunton (0-1, 3.21) has picked up five saves in his 15 appearances. The 38 year old ex-outfielder Jason Lane (1-2, 4.82) is trying to resurrect his career as a pitcher. He does throw lefthanded, but righthanded hitters feast off him (.326).

Navegantes del Magallanes (15-17)

Adonis Garcia (.317, 3, 15) has played the most games (29) which has given him the most RBIs. His three homeruns also lead the team. Lew Ford (.330, 1, 8) and Ronny Cedeno (.269, 0, 6) are tied for the lead in runs scored (15). Roughned Odor (.222) is a recent addition who should provide some offensive production. He has only played two games.

Pitching has been the strength of the Navegantes with ironically Orangel Arenas (4-0, 2.22) leading the way. Dustin Richardson (2-2, 3.15) and Bobbie Blevins (1-2, 2.97) have also been providing solid starts. Hassan Pena (1.76, 9 saves) has been their closer.

Leones del Caracas (17-20)

Alex Gonzalez (.382, 4, 18) had a big 8 RBI game to vault him into the top spot for the team in RBIs. He also has a 1.119 OPS but has only played 15 games. Felix Perez (.333, 3, 12) is the team leader in runs scored (22) and doubles (10). L.J. Hoes (.327, 1, 10) has been a recent offensive addition with a line drive bat. Danny Vazquez (.321, 2, 15) has collected five triples, which is equal to his doubles and homeruns combined. The team would like to see more production in the bat of Jesus Aguliar (.264, 4, 15).

Boone Whiting (0-4, 5.41) has canceled out the wins picked up by Jarrett Grube (2-0, 4.55) and Buddy Boshers (2-0, 3.25). Boone has an ugly 22/21 walk to whiff ratio. Jesus Pirela (0.60) has been the closer with 6 saves.

Cardenales de Lara (15-21)

The Brazilian Paulo Orlando (.315, 4, 23) has been showing some pop, leading the team in RBIs and runs scored (20). The leading hitter is Gabriel Noriega (.338, 1, 15) but that goes with an unimpressive 4/27 walk to whiff ratio in 36 games. Maikol Gonzalez (.240, 0, 8) has the team lead in stolen bases (6), but his 13/11 walk to whiff ratio has not led to a good average. Carlos Rivero (.281, 7, 19) has bashed a league leading seven homeruns. Cesar Izturis (.333, 0, 11) is still playing and showing how easy it is to hit Venezuelan pitching.

Nestor Molina (3-2, 3.48) and Cesar Jimeniz (2-3, 3.55) have been providing the Cardenales the most consistent starts. Erasmo Ramirez has recently arrived to give the team three six inning starts without allowing any earned runs. In one start he did not allow a hit. The opposition is hitting only .150 against him with righthanders flailing at .129. He did allow two unearned runs in his first start. Tim Gustafson (1-2, 4.58) and his 20 appearances lead the league. Luis Vizcaino (2.30) and his six saves gives him the closer role. Terry Doyle (2-3, 4,43) is second in the league with his 40 KO’s.

Tiburones de La Guair√° (12-22)

Alex Cabrera (.265, 5, 11) continues to sail balls over the fence at 43 years of age. Rene Reyes (.298, 3, 16) has been another ageless wonder at 36, leading the team in RBIs. The only player with significant playing time hitting over .300 is Odubel Herrera (.360, 3, 10). Carlos Sanchez (.103, 1, 2) has been a real drag on the offense but got two of his three hits yesterday.

Junior Guerra (2-2, 4.05) leads the circuit with his 41 whiffs. Edgmer Escalona (2-2, 2.95) has deserved a better fate, but the bats make contact with the ball (43 hits in 36 innings with only 17 whiffs). Buddy Baumann (1.86) has only given up one run in each of his three starts and one run in his five relief appearances. He walked seven in his first two appearances, but followed up with only three in his next six appearances. Gregory Infante (0-1, 2.20) has been asked to be the closer, saving half of their 12 wins. Enrique Gonzalez (3-1, 1.93) has salvaged some vulture wins in his 17 relief appearances.

Bravos de Margarita (11-25)

This team is always consistently in last place. Eliezer Alfonzo (.254, 5, 23) and Taylor Motter (.250, 5, 12) share the homerun lead. Alfonzo leads the team in RBIs while Motter leads the team with 20 runs scored from the lead off spot. The top hitter is Alberto Gonzalez (.338, 0 10). After a strong start Aaron Hicks (.220, 1, 4) stumbled and was released, despite a strong 13/11 walk to whiff ratio that put his OBA at .381, 80 points higher than the Bravos leadoff hitter Motter.

Eric Berger (3-2, 2.61) is the only starter with a winning record. Forrest Snow (0-1, 1.00) has been a recent addition to the starting rotation. In his last start he gave up his only run, but it was enough for him to pick up the loss. Not an impressive group.

Nicaragua downs Puerto Rico in Central American Championships

November 21st, 2014

In the Central American championships Nicaragua beat Puerto Rico 2-1 to earn the right to face Cuba in the championship game. It took them 10 innings with Dwight Britton driving in both runs, including the walkoff single in the tenth to give Nicaragua the win.

It was a pitcher’s duel to begin the game with both Luis Cintron and Aristedes Sevilla hooked up in a 0-0 match up through the first six innings. Puerto Rico notched the first run in the top of the seventh on an RBI double from Aldo Mendez. Britton got the first of his two RBIs with a single in the bottom of the seventh to tie the game.

Cintron left the game before the seventh inning had ended. Sevilla was cooked after seven. Carlos Ramirez came on to pitch the last three innings for Nicaragua to pick up the victory, allowing only one hit and striking out five.

Nicaragua will now play Cuba for the gold medal while Puerto Rico will have to settle for a bronze medal match against Dominican Republic.