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Obregon Wins First Half in the Mexican Winter League

Monday, November 30th, 2020

The Obregon Yaquis won the first half of the Mexican Winter League, earning themselves ten points for end of the season playoff qualification. They were led by Alonzo Harris who hit .337 and led the team with 17 RBIs and Sebastian Valle, who hit .280 with six homeruns and 15 RBIs. Below are the standings and the points each team received as a result of their finish:

Obregon Yaquis 21-8 (10 points)
Hermosillo Naranjeros 15-11 (9 points)
Monterrey Sultanes 14-12 (8 points)
Culiacan Tomateros 15-13 (7 points)
Guasave Algodoneros 14-13 (6 points)
Jalisco Charros 15-14 (5.5 points)
Mazatlan Venados 14-14 (5 points)
Mexicali Aguilas 13-16 (4.5 points)
Navojoa Mayos 10-19 (4 points)
Los Mochis 9-20 (3.5 points)

The corona virus played havoc on the schedule, even postponing the season for 17 days. The batting average leader was the Mayos Omar Renteria (.407). The homerun and RBI leader was the Tomateros Sebastian Elizalde (9, 32). Sebastian was also tied for second in stolen bases (8). The leader in that area was Alonzo Harris (20).

On the pitching front Mayos Felix Doubront led in ERA (2.15). The Naranjeros Juan Pablo Ormas (5-2) and Charros Luis Ivan Rodriguez (5-0) were tied for the lead in wins. The Tomateros Manny Barreda (35) was the strkieout leader with Doubront just one whiff behind him. The pitcher perhaps have the roughest season is Monterrey’s Daniel Cruz (0-5, 13.14).

Series Del Caribe Scheduled for January

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

The Series del Caribe is scheduled for January 31 and will run until February 6 in Mazatlan, Mexico. Six teams are being planned for the tournament, but that all depends on if each of the winter leagues can get their season started. The traditional four of Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico will be playing along with Colombia and Panama.

The Dominican Republic just began their winter league last Sunday. Mexico had to postpone their season for eleven days because of corona virus concerns but hopes to resume their season soon. Venezuela and Puerto Rico plan to bein their season December 1. Last year Cuba did not participate because of their inability to obtain a visa. When it was announced that Cuba would not participate in the 2021 Series del Caribe, Colombia will have a second opportunity to participate.

It is possible if one of the winter leagues can not complete their season Nicaragua could become the sixth team. They have already started their winter league.

Mexican Winter League Shuts Down for Eleven Days

Monday, November 9th, 2020

The hope for a 2021 baseball season can be seen in whether the winter leagues in the Caribbean can be played. So far, the only major winter league that has started is the Mexican League. They got 16 games into their season and the corona virus outbreaks have forced them to postpone the continuation of their season for 11 days. The postponement of games started November 6 and the games will be postponed until November 17.

It began as a trickle as two Los Mochis players tested positive. The avalanche began when with cancellations of a number of series because of corona virus concerns. Testing of all players will occur during this eleven day time period. The cancelled games will not be made up, but because the Mexican League consists of two halves, the first half has been extended until November 26. Nine games will be reduced from their season, with the first half consisting of 29 games and the second half 30 games.

Mexican Winter League Begins Season

Monday, October 19th, 2020

The winter league has started with each of the with each of the ten teams playing a four game series. Obregon is the only team to come away from the weekend undefeated, sweeping Mexicali. Los Mochis, Hermosillo and Monterrey came out with three victories. Guasave and Culiacan split their series.

Fans up to 30 to 50 percent capacity were allowed in the states of Sinaloa, Baja California and Sonora. That meant Obregon, Los Mochis, Novajoa and Culiacan were allowed to have spectators. Teams in Jalisco and Nuevo Leon have not been cleared to have spectators. This meant only cardboard cutouts for Monterrey.

Fans must wear face masks at the game and have their temperature checked. Spectators will not be allowed to move from their assigned seat. Any food and beverages will be delivered in closed containers.

Tests were conducted on the teams players and officials. There were 92 positive tests. Tests will be administered every two weeks.

Top Foreign Countries for Major League Players

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Baseball America provided an article that identified all the countries that played major league baseball. Below is the list of those countries, separated by hitters and pitchers.

Top Offensive Players

1) United States, 2) Dominican Republic, 3) Venezuela, 4) Cuba, 5) Puerto Rico, 6) Curacao, 7) Canada, 8) Colombia, 9) South Korea 10) Aruba

Even when you add Aruba, Curacao and Netherlands together it still does not get them into the top five.

Top Pitchers

1) United States, 2) Dominican Republic, 3) Venezuela, 4) Japan, 5) Mexico, 6) Canada, 7) Puerto Rico, 8) Colombia, 9) Cuba, 10) Panama

South Korea, Taiwan and Australia just missed making the top ten. The ranking was measured by plate appearances and innings pitched.

Mexican Summer League Cancels Season

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

They talked about having a season with no foreigners on the rosters. Only players of Mexican descent could play. This would cut down costs in a year when they did not know if they could allow fans. Like the minor leagues, the Mexican Summer League teams have no television revenue. So each game they played was like eating cash. There was no revenue stream.

When the minor leagues cancelled their season on Tuesday it only followed suit that the Mexican Summer League announced to cancel their season. They had a tentative start date of August 7. It will be interesting how the finances of each of the 16 teams add up. The minor leagues are concerned a number of their franchises will fold next year because of an empty revenue stream yet still expenses cropping up. The Mexican League will face the same challenges.

Under 23 WBC Baseball World Cup Postponed Until 2021

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

The Under 23 Baseball World Cup was supposed to be played in Obregon and Los Mochis Mexico in September and October of this year. Mexico was having some issues with even starting their professional LMP this year, with an expected start date of August 7 still in doubt. So with that uncertainty it was decided to postpone the Under 23 World Cup to September 24/October 3 2021. Same two cities will be the host.

Mexico Still Struggling with Start of Summer Season

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

The summer Mexican League is still struggling with the start of the season. The teams do not want to begin the season with no fans since like the minor leagues in the United States the fans are their major source of revenue. They also can not extend the season because it would then run into the more popular winter season. Many of the players who play in the summer league also play in the winter league.

They do have a tentative date to open on August 7, but that is dependent on the status of the corona virus and their ability to allow fans. The league president has mandated that the season will not start if fans are not allowed in the stadium. The current plan is to end on November 7, for a 48 game season. If they have to postpone beyond August 7 there may be no point in having a summer season.

Under 15 World Cup Scheduled for Tijuana in October

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Tijuana, Mexico is becoming a hot spot for baseball. First it was announced that the Women’s World Cup of Baseball would be played there November 12-21. Now the WBSC has made it a double header by announcing that the Under 15 World Cup will be played in Tijuana on October 30 to November 8. That is back to back World Cup events held in one city.

In the last World Cup held in 2018 the United States defeated Panama, while Taiwan finished third. The teams that will be competing in this 15 and under World Cup are:

Africa: South Africa
Americas: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, United States and Venezuela
Asia: Taiwan and Japan
Europe: Germany and Italy
Oceania: Guam

Women’s Baseball World Cup Scheduled for November

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

It was originally scheduled for September 11-20 but had to be cancelled because of the corona virus. It has now been scheduled for November 12-21 in Tijuana, Mexico. Twelve teams will be competing in this event. They are:

Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico and Venezuela
Asia: Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines
Europe: France
Oceania: Australia
Wild Card: Cuba, Dominican Republic and Netherlands

Japan is the defending champion and has won the last six events. They have not lost a game in their last 30 contests. Taiwan lost in the finals to Japan. Canada defeated the United States for the bronze medal. The 2018 games were played in Vierra, Florida.