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WBC Qualifying Cities Determined

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

The World Baseball Classic and World Baseball and Softball Confederation have agreed to continue their working relationship to put on display the World Baseball Classic to determine the top baseball country. Japan won the first two events but the Dominican Republic won the last event. These two associations have decided the location and countries who will compete in the qualifiers for the final four spots for the World Baseball Classic. Twelve teams have qualified.

The qualifying locations are:

February 11-14 in Sydney, Australia

1) Australia, 2) New Zealand, 3) Philippines and 4) South Africa

March 17-20 in Mexicali, Mexico

1) Mexico, 2) Czech Republic, 3) Germany and 4) Nicaragua

March 17-20 in Panama City, Panama

1) Colombia, 2) France, 3) Panama and 4) Spain

September 22-25, in Brooklyn, New York, United States

1)Brazil, 2) Great Britain, 3) Israel and 4) Pakistan

The 12 teams who have qualified are:

1) Canada, 2) China, 3) Cuba, 4) Dominican Republic, 5) Italy, 6) Japan, 7) Netherlands, 8) Puerto Rico, 9) South Korea, 10) Taiwan, 11) United States and 12) Venezuela

The World Baseball Classic will be held on March 2017, provided the major league players association and the major leagues agree to a collective bargaining agreement prior to the end of the 2016 season. If no agreement can be reached it will be interesting to see if the event is still held.

Oh and Aaron Head the Children’s Fair in Japan

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

The two have combined for 1,623 homeruns. Sadaharu Oh (868 homeruns) is the chairman and Hank Aaron (755 homeruns) is the co-founder of the World Baseball Children’s Foundation. The 300 kids from 16 different countries will learn the game of baseball for six days from 10 different international coaches. The kids can also learn a thing or two from listening to Oh and Aaron.

The countries represented in this event are Burma (Myanmar), Canada, China, Denmark, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Malta, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United States and the host Japan. The ten different coaches represent six different countries though the two Italian coaches and the one Australian coach appear to have no children representing their country. Ex-major leaguer Eugene Kingsale is representing the Netherlands as a coach and lacks any kids from his country.

The event began in Los Angeles in 1990 and since that time over 5,000 kids aged 10 to 11 years old have represented 93 different countries trying to expand their knowledge of baseball. It would be interesting to know if any professional players from the United States, Japan or another country attended this event in the early years.

East Asia All Star Team

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Below are the list of names of the players who made the all star team in the East Asia tournament won by the Philippines.

All Star Team

C - Alfredo Olivarez Jr. (Philippines) - .278

1st Base - Ng Yuk Ming (Hong Kong) - .333

2nd Base - Adriens Ros Bernardo (Philippines) - .222 with 5 walks for .391 OBA

3rd Base - Francis Candela (Philippines) - .286

SS - Iresh Kosala (Sri Lanka) - .381, 5 runs and 4 RBIs, 4 walks for .480 OBA

LF - Gerves, Alan Edrian (Indonesia) - .263 with 4 RBIs

CF - Chamara Peiris (Sri Lanka) - .455

RF - Sameera Rathnayake (Sri Lanka) - .412 with 4 runs scored

DH - Leung Yu Chung (Hong Kong) - .286 with 5 RBIs

RHP - Tharindu Madumal (Sri Lanka) -

LHP - Junmar Diarao (Philippines)

Other Individual Awards

The Leading hitter - Lo Ho Lam Andy (Hong Kong) - .444
Pitcher with the Best Earned Run Average - Ugrasena (Indonesia) - 0.00 ERA pitching 11.1 innings
Pitcher with the best won-loss average - Muhammad, Hadi Nur (Indonesia) - 2-0, 0.00 ERA in 10.2 innings
The most run batted in - Setiawan, Albefiandi Aik (Indonesia) - 8
The most stolen base - Sihombing, Elia M.K (Indonesia) - 4 for 4
The Most runs scored - Akalanka Ranasinghe (Sri Lanka) - 6
The Most Outstanding defensive player - Adriene Ros Bernardo (Philippines) -
Most Valuable Player - Juan Paulo Macasaet (Philippines)

Indonesia to Play Philippines in East Asia Final

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

The Philippines easily defeated Indonesia 9-1 on the last day of pool play in the East Asia finals. After Hong Kong downed Thailand 8-5 and Sri Lanka blanked Singapore 11-0 there was a three way tie for second place between Indonesia, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka at 3-2. The host Indonesia advanced to the finals by winning the tie breaker and get a rematch against the defending champion and undefeated Philippine team.

The winner of the championship game will qualify for the Asia Baseball Championship to be played in Taichung, Taiwan in September. Neither team has much of a chance to defeat the baseball powerhouses of Japan, Korea and Taiwan, but it is the competition that counts.

Sri Lanka finishes third and Hong Kong fourth, with Thailand and Singapore following in the standings.

East Asia - Day 4

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Sri Lanka upset Hong Kong 7-1 to give them their second loss. It evened the record for Sri Lanka at 2-2. Indonesia beat Thailand 9-2 to give them second place with a 3-1 record. Thailand dropped to 1-3. Philippines remained undefeated at 4-0 defeating the winless Singapore 4-0.

Indonesia plays the Philippines tomorrow for the honor of first place. These two teams may play again for the championship if Indonesia wins since the schedule shows the first place team plays the second place team for the championship. However, if the Philippines defeats Indonesia and Hong Kong and Sri Lanka win, there would be a three way tie for second and the second place team would be decided by tie breaker..

East Asia - Day Three

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Philippines remained the only undefeated team in the East Asia series after their 2-1 win over Sri Lanka. Hong Kong sent the hosts Indonesia to their first defeat with an 8-7 win. Thailand won their first game of the tournament with a 12-2 win over Singapore, who remained winless. Thailand then lost to Sri Lanka 9-3 in a makeup of a rain delay. For Sri Lanka it was their first win.

Standings after Day three

Philippines (3-0), Hong Kong (2-1), Indonesia (2-1), Thailand (1-2), Sri Lanka (1-2) and Singapore (0-3)

East Asia Cup - Days One and Two

Monday, May 4th, 2015

The Philippines look like the team to beat in the East Asia Cup with a day one 4-2 win over Hong Kong and a 10-1 win over Thailand. The Philippines had to rally for three runs in the eighth inning to defeat Hong Kong. Hong Kong came back on day two to defeat Singapore 9-4.

The host Indonesia club took it to Singapore 19-4. The game was ended after the sixth inning because of the 15 run slaughter rule that is in effect for international baseball. Indonesia then won their second game on day two 8-3 to make their fans happy.

Rain forced the postponement of the third game between Sri Lanka and Thailand. You can follow the results on their facebook page at the link below:

East Asia Cup

Asian Cup in Jakarta Indonesia

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

The 11th Asian Cup Eastern Division championships will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from May 3 to May 8. The teams participating are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The winner gets to be beat up by Taiwan, Korea and Japan in the Asia Baseball Championships to be played in 2016. The last time a country other than the three mentioned above finished in the top two was in 1954, during the first year of the Asia Baseball Championships when the Philippines were the winners.

Little League Strips Chicago Jackie Robinson of Wins

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Little League has stripped the Chicago Jackie Robinson Little League of their United States title and awarded it to the runner up Mountain Ridge of Las Vegas. The Chicago Jackie Robinson Little League later lost to Korea in the finals. The organizers of the Chicago Little League had expanded their boundaries without permission to acquire other players who lived outside their district. Jackie Robinson Little League had met with Little League officials in Illinois District 4 in 2014 to try to legitimize the territory they claimed but were not successful.

Team manager Darold Butler has been suspended from engaging in any Little League activity. Illinois District 4 administrator Michael Kelly has been removed from his position. The Jackie Robinson Little League has also been put on probation with their tournament privileges suspended until new leadership is elected and the league has been confirmed to be fully compliant with all rules.

The first Little League team to have their title stripped was the team from the Philippines that had won the World Series in 1992. They had also used players from outside their boundaries but also used players who were overage. The older Philippine players had used the identities of younger players who competed in local Little League tournaments to pull off the charade.

In 2001 Rolando Paulino Little League from Bronx, New York was stripped of its third place finish for using Danny Almonte, a pitcher who was two years older than Little League rules require. Almonte had pitched a perfect game in the World Series, the first since 1979 and struck out 62 of the 72 batters he faced, but all of that was deemed null and void when he was found to be two years older than the required age. He could not pitch in the United States final because he had pitched a complete game the previous day and the team lost to the same Florida team (Apopka) that Danny had pitched his perfect game. Because Almonte had been born in the Dominican Republic their had been great difficulty in verifying his age.

Philipinnes Wins Hong Kong Tournament

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

The Hong Kong Red team had destroyed its competetion by combined scores of 61-1. They did not score less than 15 runs in any of the three games. The Philippines held them to one run in their 6-1 victory in the championship game, scoring three runs in the first inning to cruise to the win. The Red team committed seven errors in the game. They had only committed three errors in the first three games of pool play, all of the errors occurring in the third game. Perhaps that was a trend.

Taiwan won the third place game 9-0 as a result of a forfeit. Perhaps Korea had too many players leaving the day of the playoffs to field a team. The Hunters from Moscow rallied for two runs in the seventh inning to nick the Hong Kong Blue team 5-4. The Hong Kong blue had just rallied for four in the top of the seventh to take a 4-3 lead. The battle for last place saw the Tigers from Vladivostok crunch the team from Singapore 20-0. The Singapore team committed nine errors in the game and 26 in the tournament, but at least they showed up to play their final game.