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Groups Established for 2016 European Championships

Friday, December 18th, 2015

The European Championships will be held in Hoofddorp, Netherlands September 9-18. Below are the groups that have been established for this tournament. Netherlands and Italy are always the favorite.

Group A

Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Sweden

Group B

Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Greece, Croatia

European Roster for Asian Winter Leagues

Monday, November 9th, 2015

With the win by the Netherlands over Taiwan, a team of European players will be traveling to Taiwan to play in an Asian winter league. A couple of those players appear on minor league rosters. The games will be held from November 25 to December 20. The professional leagues in Japan (NPB), Korea (KBO) and Taiwan (CPBL) will also have players participate in the league. Below is the European roster for the Asian Winter league provided by Mister Baseball.

Pitchers: Milvio Andreozzi (Nettuno 2), Leonel Cespedes (Templiers de Sénart), Filippo Crepaldi (Fortitudo Bologna), Lucas Dickman (Buchbinder Legionaere), Diego Fabiani (Tommasin Padua), Gianny Fracchiolla (Buchbinder Legionaere), Kruno Gojkovic (Olimpija Karlovac), Lars Huijer (Vaessen Pioniers), Owen Ozanich (Rouen Huskies), Maikel Rietel (Vaessen Pioniers), Javier Sanchez (Atlanta Braves), Robin Schel (L&D Amsterdam), Matz Schütte (Minnesota Twins), Bryan Sheldon (Tommasin Padua), Daniel Thieben (Untouchables Paderborn)

Catchers: Alessandro Deotto (Parma), Chris Howard (Buchbinder Legionaere), Alberto Mineo (Chicago Cubs)

Infielders: Premek Chroust (Draci Brno), Freddy Noguera (Parma), Rashid Gerard (L&D Amsterdam), Luca Martone (Padova), Mattia Mercuri (Nettuno 2), Kevin Weijgertse (HCAW)

Outfielders: Sam Buelens (Toronto Blue Jays), Maik Ehmcke (Arizona Diamondbacks), Daniel Fernandes (Curaçao Neptunus), Federico Giordani (Los Angeles Dodgers), Urving Kemp (Curaçao Neptunus), Sebastiano Poma (T&A San Marino)

European 2016 Championships to be Held in Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

in 2014 the Netherlands built a park in Hoffddorp that would meet major league specifications. The hope was that major league baseball would agree to play an exhibition game there. March can be a bit cold in the Netherlands and the facility is not domed. So they will have to be rewarded with the European championships in 2016.

The stadium currently holds 600, but with temporary stands it could be expanded to 30,000. The last time the Netherlands hosted a European championship was in 2012. The Netherlands won the 2014 European championships that were held in Czech Republic. The countries that will compete for the 2016 world championships are:

1) Belgium, 2) Croatia 3) Czech Republic, 4) France, 5) Germany, 6) Great Britain, 7) Greece, 8) Italy, 9) Netherlands, 10) Russia, 11) Spain and Sweden

WBC Qualifying Cities Determined

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

The World Baseball Classic and World Baseball and Softball Confederation have agreed to continue their working relationship to put on display the World Baseball Classic to determine the top baseball country. Japan won the first two events but the Dominican Republic won the last event. These two associations have decided the location and countries who will compete in the qualifiers for the final four spots for the World Baseball Classic. Twelve teams have qualified.

The qualifying locations are:

February 11-14 in Sydney, Australia

1) Australia, 2) New Zealand, 3) Philippines and 4) South Africa

March 17-20 in Mexicali, Mexico

1) Mexico, 2) Czech Republic, 3) Germany and 4) Nicaragua

March 17-20 in Panama City, Panama

1) Colombia, 2) France, 3) Panama and 4) Spain

September 22-25, in Brooklyn, New York, United States

1)Brazil, 2) Great Britain, 3) Israel and 4) Pakistan

The 12 teams who have qualified are:

1) Canada, 2) China, 3) Cuba, 4) Dominican Republic, 5) Italy, 6) Japan, 7) Netherlands, 8) Puerto Rico, 9) South Korea, 10) Taiwan, 11) United States and 12) Venezuela

The World Baseball Classic will be held on March 2017, provided the major league players association and the major leagues agree to a collective bargaining agreement prior to the end of the 2016 season. If no agreement can be reached it will be interesting to see if the event is still held.

European Professional Baseball

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

A group of representatives from San Marino baseball (who plays in the Italian League), Rouen Huskies (France), Vaessen Pioniers (Netherlands) and Curacao Neptunus (Netherlands) met in Amsterdam to discuss a professional European baseball league to begin in 2016. Other clubs expected to join this professional league who did not attend included CB Barcelona (Spain), Templiers Senart (France), Buchbinder Legionare (Germany) and CBS Saint Boi (Spain). Two clubs expected to be confirmed as joining soon include Unipol Bologna (Italy) and Heidenheim Heidekopfe (Germany).

You can read more about it here.

European Professional baseball

A European Pro Baseball League in 2016

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

One of the challenges reporting on baseball in Europe is the plethora of teams that exist in each county. It is the equivalent of reporting on the minor leagues in the United States. Mister Baseball does a commendable job putting together the results of the various European Leagues, but the players get lost in the process. All you have are game reports with team names. The individuals responsible for the victories are forgotten in the process. Casual fans come to watch stars to satiate their curiosity, they don’t come to watch the sport played.

Mister Baseball has reported on rumors of a European baseball league beginning in 2016. This league could consist of two teams in the countries of France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Germany. The fear in Europe is a professional league would lesson the importance of their own leagues in each country, but myworld would argue those could be feeder leagues, or the minor league programs for the two professional teams from each country. Those teams could think of that as an insult, especially in the Netherlands and Italy that have three or four strong teams that could compete in any professional league.

The other challenge with the European Leagues is they only play on the weekends. The pay for the players is not great so all of them usually require a week day job to survive. A professional league would require a lot of travel. Even a weekend league would require leaving on a Friday night and returning on a Sunday night. Finding deep pockets to pay decent salaries would provide daily exposure, but deep pockets don’t have those deep pockets to throw their money away. They would require some form of possible return on their investment before they put their money in such a league.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, but if Europe really wants their baseball to be taken seriously they have to marginalize it and showcase their top teams with their top players to compete against each other. That happens in the European Cups, the only events myworld gives any kind of publicity to.

Europeans Win Game Two Against Team Samurai

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Yurendell De Caster slugged a three run homerun in the third and the Europeans shocked Team Samurai 6-2. Takahiro Matsuba got the start for Japan and gave up five runs in his three innings of work. Europe countered with Diegomar Markwell, who pitched three innings of shutout ball to get the win.

Falling behind 5-0 Japan did not score until Tetsuto Yamada led off the sixth inning with a homerun. They scored a second run in the inning on a groundout.

Europe only collected six hits, but four of them went for extra bases. Over 20,000 showed up for the two exhibition matches. During the regular season the Yomiuri Giants usually sell out their games with crowds of over 40,000.

The boxscore for the game can be found at the link below:


Samurai Japan Rallies to Beat the Euro All Stars

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

The European All Stars were beating Team Samurai 3-1 after seven innings. Rob Cordemans, Alessandro Maestri and Jose Escalona had limited the Samurai team to one run on five hits. Japan scored their lone run in the fourth inning on back to back doubles by Yuhei and Tetsuto Yamada.

Oscar Angulo carried the big bat for Europe, hitting a two run double in the fourth inning to give the Europeans a 3-0 lead. He also drove in the first run by grounding into a double play in the second inning.

The Europeans loaded the bases in the sixth off Shintaro Fujinami but failed to score. Pinch hitter Gianison Boekhoudt struck out to strand the runners. Shintaro hit the mid-90s with his fastball. Samurai pitchers were able to retire the last nine batters.

The Japanese rallied off Shairon Martis and Loek Van Mil. Martis walked the only two hitters he faced to begin the eighth inning. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo doubled to left field off Mil to drive in one run. Nobuhiro Matsuda singled to tie the game at 3-3. Yuhei followed with a single to give the Japanese a 4-3 lead. Mil was finally able to retire the last three hitters to contain the damage but too little too late.

Yuji Nishino retired the side in order in the ninth, the last two hitters on strikeouts to pick up the save.

A boxscore for the game can be found below:


Spain Wins U18 Torunament in Valencia

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

The European baseball season begins with the Dodgers sponsored under 18 early bird tournament in Valencia, Spain. The Spanish Academy defended their championship by defeating Toulouse, France 7-3 in the finals. Spain finished the tournament 5-1, losing their only game to the Czech Republic 4-2 after they had clinched an appearance in the championship match by winning their first four games.

France got to the championship game by virtue of a walkoff 8-7 win over the German team to finish 4-1 in pool play. The only two games they lost in the tournament was to the Spanish team. The Germans lost two games by the score of 8-7, but were also trounced by Italy 12-3 in the opener. The Czech team took third place with their 3-2 record and their victory over Italy 10-8. Italy also finished 3-2. Germany was next at 2-3 while Sweden failed to win a game, stumbling to an 0-5 record. Their pitching staff made it tough to win a game, giving up double digit runs to their opponents in each game they played.

You can see the scores for the games at the link below:

Under 18 Valencia Tournament

Dodgers Sponsoring Under 19 Tournament in Spain

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Mister Baseball reports the Los Angeles Dodgers are sponsoring an under 19 tournament in Valencia, Spain that will be held from February 24 to March 1. The youth teams expected to compete in this tournament are France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Juan Garcia Puig is the coordinator for this even and an L.A. Dodger international scout. He also coaches for the local baseball team the Valencia Astros.