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MLB Opens Office in India

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

The two Indian players who won the million dollar arm contest are now retired from baseball. One went back to India and the other stayed in the United States to become a wrestler once their baseball careers ended. But that has not deterred major league baseball from opening an office in India to help promote the sport there.

There is some thought of putting together another million dollar arm contest this fall from September to November. They expect thousands to participate based on the success of 2014 contest that resulted in a movie and enriched the lives of the two contestants that won the contest.

Major league baseball also hopes to introduce baseball in many of the primary schools, similar to what they are doing in China in an attempt to introduce kids to the sport at a young age. India On Track (IOT), which is India’s leading sports management, marketing and development company is partnering with major league baseball to promote the sport.

Time will tell whether their efforts will have any success.

Top 14 Countries for Women’s Baseball

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

There are not as many countries that participant in woman’s baseball. Japan is the most dominant, currently carrying a 30 game world cup winning streak. Canada, the number two rated team came the closest to beating Japan in the World Cup, losing 2-1 in a Super Round game. Taiwan jumped three spots after finishing second in last year’s World Cup. Most of the top United States players are encouraged to play softball because of a lack of baseball programs for women. They dropped a notch after failing to medal the last two years. Below are the top 14 countries for woman’s baseball:

1. Japan - 2000 points
2. Canada - 1300
3. Taiwan - 1297
4. United States - 1094
5. Venezuela - 989
6. Australia - 904
7. Cuba - 537
8. Korea - 500
9. Dominican Republic - 433
10. Hong Kong - 363
11. Netherlands - 311
12. Puerto Rico - 267
13. India - 104
14. Pakistan - 67

India Constructs First Baseball Field

Friday, February 24th, 2017

India has constructed its first baseball field, six acres of green that will host five international trainers to improve the Indians baseball skills. The Co-founder of Grand Slam Baseball Raunag Sahni helped support the development of the field along with major league baseball and Play Global.

It may also one day be used to host the West Asia baseball tournament, which is currently being played and hosted by Pakistan. Six teams are entered in the tournament, India, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Nepal, Iran and Pakistan. The winner of the tournament will compete in the Asia Baseball Championships held this year. Pakistan is the defending champ of the West Asia baseball tournament, but there skill level still falls far below that of Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Women’s World Cup Results - Day Two and Three

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Pool play was completed and the one surprise is the United States elimination from the super round.

Day Two

United States 2 Taiwan 1

The United States scraped out a victory over Taiwan, a two run homer by Megan Baltzwell proving the difference. Marti Sementelli limited the Taiwan bats to four hits and one run for the first six innings and Jade Gortarez retired the side in order in the seventh to pick up the save.

Korea 4 Cuba 3

The host country scored three in the sixth to steal a victory over Cuba. Sel Yang Lee collected three hits in three at bats to drive in one run to help Korea secure the victory.

Venezuela 18 Pakistan 1

A 10 run first inning spelled doom for the Pakistanis. The Venezuelans emptied their bench after that.

Japan 12 Netherlands 0

Japan spanked the Netherlands, three different pitchers limiting the Dutch hitters to one hit in five innings. Mana Taguchi drove in four runs to lead the offense.

Canada 18 India 4

Canada scored 7 in the first inning and 9 in the fifth to put this game out of reach. Daniella Matteucci blasted three doubles to drive in two and score three times to fuel the Canadian offense. Katie Hagen survived a rough start, giving up three runs in the opening frame, but worked the full five innings to get the win.

Australia 13 Hong Kong 0

Australia easily handled Hong Kong scoring in all five innings. Kim McMillan went five innings to get the shut out.

Day 3

Australia 10 United States 2

The Aussies punished the United States team for 14 hits in their surprise win, knocking the United States out of the super round. Tammy McMillan sported the big bat with two hits and a sacrifice fly to drive in four runs. Abbey Kelly was two outs away from a complete game victory before running into trouble in the seventh.

Cuba 15 Pakistan 0

Cuba got their first win stealing 19 bases in their four turns at bat. Yadira Boffil completed the five inning one hit shutout.

Japan 18 India 0

Japan scored crooked numbers in all four of their at bats. Miki Atsugase and Yukiko Kawabata each scored four runs in the rout. Kawabata also drove in four runs with her two doubles. Yurika Arisaka also drove in four runs and slammed the second homerun of the tournament.

Canada 7 Netherlands 1

Nicole Luchanski doubles twice and adds a triple to drive in two and score three runs to lead the Canadians to victory. Kelsey Lalor also drives in three runs with a triple. Amanada Asay went the full seven innings to get the win.

Taiwan 13 Hong Kong 3

Taiwan rolled over Hong Kong, Chia Wen Shen scampering for two triples to drive in two and score three from the lead off spot. Pei Jung Lin also added a triple to drive in three.

Venezuela 12 Korea 1

Venezuela sent their hosts down to their first defeat, putting the game away with a six run fourth. Osmari Garcia drove in four runs with her two hits.

Final standings after the first three days of pool play, top two teams advancing to the super round.

Group A

Venezuela (3-0), Korea (2-1), Cuba (1-2), Pakistan (0-3)

Group B

Japan (3-0), Canada (2-1), Netherlands (1-2), India (0-3)

Group C

Taiwan (2-1), Australia (2-1), United States (2-1), Hong Kong (0-3)

The teams advancing to the super round:

Taiwan (1-0), Japan (1-0), Venezuela (1-0), Australia (0-1), Canada (0-1), Korea (0-1)

The loss by Taiwan to the United States was negated when the United States did not advance to the super round. Only the results of the teams advancing to the super round count in the super round standings.

Women’s World Cup Results - Day One

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

The women began their baseball World Cup in Korea yesterday. The United States and Japan won their openers.

Japan 8 Canada 2

Canada jumped out to an early 2-0 lead but by scoring in the final five innings of the seven inning game Japan pulled out the victory. Leadoff hitter Ayako Rokaku scored three times on three hits from the lead off spot. She also stole three bases. Lori Miura stole five bases on two hits and two walks. Ayami Sato threw a complete game striking out 11.

United States 9 Hong Kong 1

The United States team scored early with six in the first two frames to rock Hong Kong. Malaika Underwood collected three hits to score three runs to lead the offense. She also stole three bases. Tamara Holmes connected for two doubles in three at bats to drive in two. Three different pitchers limited the Hong Kong gals to one hit.

Netherlands 9 India 3

Netherlands could only muster four hits, but eight walks assisted their offense. Sascha Egas drove in four runs collecting three of the four Dutch hits.

Korea 10 Pakistan 0

Yu-Ka Bae smashed three hits in three at bats to drive in two to lead Korea to an easy opening victory for the hosts.

Venezuela 12 Cuba 0

The Cuban women are not as strong as the men in their baseball skills and Venezuela took advantage of that, clobbering them in a game shortened to five innings. Astrid Rodriguez banged out three hits from the lead off spot and Ingrid Escobar scored three runs to lead the offense. Josefina Cuman finished with a complete game one hitter.

Taiwan 12 Australia 4

The Aussies usually bring a strong women’s baseball team but Taiwan put this game away with five in the seventh. Chia Hui Yang drove in three runs with two doubles in two at bats to help the Taiwan cause. Chia Wen Shen and Ya Ting Wen each scored three runs.

LG Sponsors National Team in India

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

LG Electronics in Korea owns a baseball team named the LG Twins. A subsidiary of theirs, LG Electronics India will help sponsor baseball in India by supporting India’s national baseball team in preparation for the Women’s Baseball World Cup which will be played in Gijang, Korea this September. The women’s national baseball team from India is ranked around 47 just behind China. The men’s national baseball team is rated number 59.

LG has been named the title sponsor for the Women’s World Cup. The number of teams for the world Cup has been expanded from eight to twelve.

Pakistan Wins West Asia Baseball Cup

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Pakistan beat India 11-0 to win the West Asian Baseball cup played at the Pakistan Sports Board Complex in Islamabad. Iran downed Iraq 18-4 to take second place with a 2-1 record. India finished in third place at 1-2.

The Pakistan pitching staff did not allow a run in the three games they played. What was even more impressive was the compliment given by the Indian team on a very organized and secure tournament. They were even impressed by the hospitality shown them on the field. Perhaps the Pakistani government should contact those organizers to help them trudge through the chaos that exists in their own government.

West Asian Results

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Pakistan appears to be dominating the West Asian baseball tournament. The winner qualifies for the Asian Series to compete against Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Every game has ended in a shutout. Pakistan has won both their games 20-0 against Iraq and 12-0 against Iran. Their next opponent is India, who has lost to Iran 15-0, but beaten Iraq 20-0.

Iraq is the only winless team. They hope to change that with a win over their next opponent Iran. If India can beat Pakistan and Iran defeats Iraq you could end up with a three way tie for first. Knowing the political issues between Pakistan and India, this would probably be an entertaining game to watch, but myworld expects a 20-0 Pakistan win.

You can follow the results below:

West Asia tournament results

West Asia Baseball Cup

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Jinnah stadium in Islamabad, Pakistan is hosting the West Asia Baseball Cup. In addition to Pakistan, the teams competing in the event are Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and India. In a political environment, getting countries like this together would be difficult. The games begin today.

The schedule for the games can be found below:

West Asia Baseball Cup

Million Dollar Arm a Homerun

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

It is rare for myworld to give an excellent rating to a movie.  We see many movies a year, but while many are entertaining they do not tug at your emotions.  The last movie myworld watched that we would give an excellent rating to would be the documentary ‘Searching for Sugarman”.  Now add “Million Dollar Arm” to that list.  It will tug at your emotions, though we still shed more tears of joy for the Sugarman movie.

We’ve been following the story of Rinku Singh and Dinish Patel for awhile now.  Their names only became familiar to myworld after they had won the million dollar arm contest.  What myworld did not realize is an American agent started the million dollar arm contest to find players from India he could represent in an attempt to save his company.

Myworld can not vouch for the accuracy of the movie (I think they got the characters backward with the lefthander being the son of the truck driver.  They are both identified as javelin throwers on their Wikipedia site.).  We followed the blog created by Singh and Patel after they were signed by the Pirates.  Like all blogs, including this one, at some point in time you stop following it.  We don’t know if Singh and Patel still keep the blog, or if it still exists on the web.  Like most websites and blogs, the company that hosts any site wants money to keep it online.  Once you stop paying the site disappears.

The movie has a happy ending and their accomplishments were certainly great.  The reality of their achievement to make it as a major league baseball player was a daunting task.  Many American or Dominican players who start the game at 12 and play 365 days a year still do not make it as a major league player.  Only a select few get that honor.  Both Dinish and Singh did not even pick up a baseball until they entered the contest.

Dinish Patel was eventually released by the Pirates in 2010, but the experience gave his family prestige and the money he earned from the contest and his brief career with baseball helped renovate their home and pay for his sister’s wedding according to his Wikipedia sight.  Rinku Singh got a trip to the Australian Baseball League to work on his pitching, but now must take a year off as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.  One of the things Singh had going for him is his height and he throws lefthanded.  Lefthanders are always given a little more rope to succeed because of their rarity.  The Pirates should give him another opportunity to extend his career as a professional baseball player for the 2015 season once his arm recovers, although missing the 2013 and 2014 seasons because of his arm issues will not help hasten his development.

Myworld would highly recommend the movie, even if you are not a baseball fan.  In the theatre there were a number of people from India watching the movie.  I can’t imagine all of them had any knowledge of baseball.  Once the movie ended you know people enjoyed it by the number of people who clap after it ends.  There were a number of patrons in the theatre who clapped to show their enjoyment of the movie and stuck around to see the credits, which showed snapshots of photos and videos of the real Dinish and Rinku and their efforts to win the contest and succeed in signing a minor league contract.