Cardinal Torture

With the bases loaded in the first inning, Michael Morse hit a ball deep to right field.  It appeared the ball hit the top of the wall, but the umpire ruled the ball was in play. Michael Morse had advanced too far past first base and was caught in a run down when Adam LaRoche was still standing on second. He was tagged out trying to return to first.  Earlier this year, in a game against the Phillies the Nationals had gotten involved in a base running snafu when Adam LaRoche was tagged out circling the bases thinking he had hit a homerun.

Davey Johnson asked the umpires to review the play. They went back to the catacombs to review the tape. When they returned they ruled the ball had travelled over the fence and bounced back into play.  It was ruled a homerun. Instead of just letting the baserunners continue their circle around the bases they asked all of them to return to their original base to recreate the play, including Morse to home and Bryce Harper from the dugout back to third.  Michael made a pretend swing from the plate which was the trigger to have the other runners circle around the bases. I’m sure Cardinal fans did not appreciate being put through this torture just to recreate the play.

You can watch the replay here:

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