Press Conference (cont - 3)

As he closed his phone a sense of panic spread. Kevin wondered about their television package. He didn’t think they had the major league network. Kevin would be the only one to have any interest in watching baseball and since he would be away playing the game for most of the summer he didn’t really see a need for it. Without the major league network package how would Shu be able to watch the game? As with all the administrative duties requiring attention while he played baseball Shu was in charge of getting whatever television package they needed.

Kevin rushed into the living room where they were all seated. He darted straight for the television, reviewing the card from the cable company with all the channels. He found the channel for the major league network and pushed the numbers on the remote to send it to the MLB channel. A blank screen appeared with a message that this channel was not part of their package and a number they could call to order it.

“What you doing dear?” Shu asked him. “We all talking. We not need…”

“We don’t have the major league network,” Kevin blurted out before Shu could finish as he looked at the screen. “How come we don’t have the major league network channel?”

“We got basic cable package,” Shu answered. “We not watch tee vee enough to get extras. Besides, we discuss we need to save money for more important things.”

“We need to get the major league network. I’ll explain it to you later but I’ve got to call the cable company.” He searched for a pen and notepad to write the subscription information down, but none were in sight. The others looked at him like he was a crazy man. All except Jasmine. She continued to stare with googly, smiling eyes at the fairy tale creatures dancing above her head.

Later that night, while they lay in bed, with Shu resting her head on his chest he told her he might be playing a game against the Yankees on March 13. “It will be nationally televised. You should put that date on the calendar. Don’t say anything to Jason yet. I will wait until the ride back before letting him know. No sense troubling him while he is here. So if you want to watch me play baseball on television this will be your chance. It’s the New York Yankees.”

Despite his excitement level Kevin did not sense any real enthusiasm from Shu. All he got was a yawn from her. She did not really know who the Yankees were. “That nice,” was her disinterested response.

“It’s the New York Yankees,” he repeated, trying to drum up some enthusiasm. “They are probably the greatest team in baseball. It would be like me playing soccer against Manchester United or basketball against the Los Angeles Lakers.” Shu had some understanding of soccer and basketball since her father watched those sports and talked about them when she was young. “They also have the one player you liked with the blonde hair and the tattoos on his arms. Victor Murray. He is probably the best hitter in the game now.”

“I not member,” came her bored response. “It a lotta money for one game. Someone in neighbahhood must get cable that show game. I can go to their house to watch it. But if you want to get baseball channel that your choice. You know I will not watch baseball aftah your game is done. Unless you tell me you on again.”

Kevin gave up. Shu was right. He wasn’t going to be home to watch the channel and Shu was not about to turn it on after the one game was done. It would be like joining a gym, paying good money for it and never showing up after that first day. “You’re right. It’s best you just find someone in the neighborhood that gets the station.”

“I’ll put it on calendah.” With that she took her head off his chest, yawned and curled up to sleep. If he was going to be talking baseball she had no more interest in talking. Baseball talk bored her.


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