Press Conference (cont - 4)

It was fascinating for Kevin to watch the precision Jason went through in accomplishing his every day activities in life. There were no wasted motions or precious seconds clicked off the clock without him making some movement important to his quest in accomplishing the task at hand. Making oatmeal was one of those tasks.

Every morning he came down to the kitchen to make his instant oatmeal. His first action was to grab the same cup he used every day to fill it half full with water. When the cup was filled to his specifications he put it into the micro wave, pushed the button for one minute. During that one minute he grabbed the same bowl he used every morning, went to the pantry to get the box of instant oatmeal, took out two packages from the box, opened them, poured them into the bowl, opened the refrigerator to bring out the blueberries at the precise time when the ring of the microwave told him his water was ready. He went to the microwave, opened it, poured the hot water into the bowl, topped it with the blueberries and by the time he returned from putting the box of oatmeal packages back to the pantry and the blueberries back into the refrigerator the one minute had elapsed for the heated water to soak into the oatmeal. Kevin watched him in awe as he glided through the kitchen. Not once did he ever notice a pause in his actions or a change in his process. It was just like his windup. Every movement had a purpose. Every second had a meaning. There were no wasted motions.

It seemed unfair they had to leave for spring training on Valentine day. Whoever required the reporting date to be February 15 was not married or lacked the intimacy of a relationship. Kevin and Shu celebrated it a day early while Jason and Shu’s mother baby sat Jasmine.

At the dinner Shu broke the news to him she was thinking of going back to work at the airlines part time. Thinking about it for Shu normally meant the process had already been put in motion. Kevin hoped she was going back to work because she wanted to and not because she felt it as an obligation. He still didn’t know where he would be assigned this year, but if it was the Orioles minor league teams in Frederick or Bowie he could commute to work. If she worked part time he would hardly see her.

“You don’t have to go to work if you don’t want to. I’m making enough money now.”

“That money only good for this year. You confident you make same money next year.”

Kevin was pretty confident he would not be making the same amount of money next year. He felt it best not to answer that question. “Can’t you wait until April, until I get assigned to a team before making a decision? If I get assigned to Bowie I could commute to the ballpark from the house, but if you’re working you’ll be gone during the day and I’ll be playing ball during the evening.”

“Work will be in afternoon. You be gone to ballpark by then. We still see each other in morning. Besides, we have nice house with big mortgage and we need extra money for Jasmine to go to good school.”

That is when Kevin recognized he no longer had Shu to himself. Her decisions would be made based on what was good for both him and Jasmine. He yielded on the discussion.

When Jason finished his oatmeal they began packing the car. As they packed the car for the early morning drive Kevin felt as if he was a tree whose roots were being pulled out from under him. Only he was the one doing the pulling as he walked to the car, each step a burden to make. The sun had still not shown its face. It did not seem right to be leaving so early. Everyone else in the neighborhood was still asleep.

Shu and her mother waved as the car pulled out of the driveway. It seemed like yesterday when Kevin pulled into the driveway one week ago. Shu still looked radiant in the morning hours, the porch light shining on her angelic mystical figure adorned in a simple robe, with little makeup on her face and eyes lacking sleep. She couldn’t stop shedding tears as the car pulled out of the driveway. She lifted Jasmine up and moved her little stubby arms to wave bye bye. Jasmine began to cry. At that point Kevin wanted to stop the car and cancel the drive to Florida. Jason could fly back and he would announce his retirement.

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