Press Conference (cont - 6)

“You know you might want to call John to let him know you’ll be on national television. He might have an interest in watching the game.” The conversation was in English now. Kevin felt more focused in English.

“I white him to let him know.”

“You mean you’ll email him?”

“I not have email address. I not know he have one. He never much for computer. He would have others do all that computer stuff for him. I have his address. I white him.”

“That could take weeks. By the time he gets the letter you will already have pitched. You could call him.”

“I not know his number. John not give it to me before he go. Since I not have phone then I not member to ask.”

Kevin rolled his eyes. “He might as well be living in a cave. Hopefully, someone will let him know. He does have a television?”

“He has tee vee. But he not watch much.”

For the remainder of the ride back Jason fell back to sleep, returning his head to the pillow resting along the passenger side window. It was getting dark as they arrived in Florida.

They pulled into the parking lot of the spring training facility at 11 PM. Moose had told Kevin either he or one of his assistants would be waiting for him to give him the keys to their hotel.

“We will be getting in pretty late.”

“That’s okay. We work pretty late here.”

Sure enough, the lights to the facility were still on. As they got out of the car the night air exuded warmth, a much better feeling than where they came from. It was also very quiet. If you listened long enough you could hear the city breath.

Moose was waiting for them inside. He was poring over the scouting reports. He greeted them at the front door and walked them to the lobby area where he reached into a desk to grab an envelope containing the hotel cards and directions. “We got you a suite. There are two rooms in the unit. It’s on the second floor. It has a kitchen with a frig and a microwave. If you have any problems with the room you let me know.”

As they were ready to walk out Moose stopped them. “I almost forgot. We’ve got a collection of mail for Jason. Wait there a second and I’ll get it for him.”

Moose walked into his office. When he came out he was carrying a large yellow recycling crate requiring both his massive arms to cradle underneath the crate. It was filled to the top with mail. “This should keep him busy for a while.”

He handed the crate to Jason. “We’ve x-rayed the packages and everything should be all right. I wouldn’t eat any food in there. It’s probably spoiled by now and you really don’t know what’s in there. There are a lot of crazies out there.”

Kevin looked in amazement at the mountain of letters and packages inside the yellow recycling crate. “He got all that mail since we’ve been gone. He wasn’t getting anything while we were here for instructional.”

“Most of the mail came last week. Someone must have done a story on him. A lot of the mail from China has come within the last couple days. At this rate we may have to get him his own zip code. You should see all the Asian press we got here. They are all tripping over each other. If I didn’t know any better I think I was in Beijing and not Sarasota.”

Kevin looked at Jason. “I’d save that fortune from your lunch today. It looks like there may be something to it.”


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