The Breaking News Story (cont - 2)

Jason had a couple dates with Emily. Kevin was the chaperone on the first date, so that one didn’t really count as a date. Jason didn’t want to be alone with her so he insisted Kevin join them. Besides, they needed a car and Emily didn’t have one. She greeted them at the front door of her apartment complex, streaks of pink running through her black hair. She also wore a loose fitting blouse hanging down from her shoulders, exposing the straps of a pink bra matching the color of her streaks. The more the blouse hung down her shoulder the greater the view of the inked dragon breathing fire from her shoulder into her neck. She also wore white tinker bell boots with black jeans. The black jeans were shredded along her thighs exposing her chalk white stick figure legs painted with other varieties of tattoos inked to her legs. She was a fashionista, with every piece of clothing stating a purpose. Kevin wondered how this fashion taste would mix with Jason and his sweat shirt, jeans and tennis shoe collection, though he was wearing the same button down shirt he wore when doing the interview with Kathy Li on this first date.

Emily adorned her face with multiple piercings, one above the left eye, one attached to the right side of her lip and a shiny piece of jewelry impaled to the left side of her nose. She had a stud placed in the middle of her tongue. She could light up a metal detector with the metal she wore.

When Emily noticed Kevin was without a date she volunteered to call a friend “to make it even”.

“No. That is not necessary,” Kevin begged her. “With all the Chinese photographers hanging around this town trying to take pictures of Jason the last thing I need is for my wife to see a picture of me with another woman. I don’t care how innocent it is.”

“You mean my name will like appear in the tabloids for being seen with you guys?” Her voice rose with excitement. Kevin was getting used to her adopted English language filled with the “likes” and the “you knows” scattered throughout her sentences.

“Only in China. So unless you know someone in China who can read the tabloids you will never see it. My wife gets all the news from her father. So there is no way I will avoid the scrutiny. A lot of it could even appear on the internet if you knew how to search in Mandarin for the sites. My wife is pretty good at that too.”

“Cool. I don’t think I’ve ever been written about in a Chinese newspaper before.” The way she said it made Kevin wonder if she had ever been written about in a Korean newspaper.

“You’d probably be listed as ‘unidentified woman’ unless one of the photographers knew you,” Jason added in jest.

Emily laughed a hyena like laugh. “So cruel. Somebody would care who I was.” One thing about her is she liked to laugh. Kevin wasn’t sure if it was forced or natural. Whatever it was, after awhile it didn’t sound pleasant to his ears. Jason didn’t seem to be bothered.

The date was routine. They went out to dinner and a movie afterward. Jason asked her how many tattoos she had and she responded “a lot”. She pulled up the right side of her blouse to show a number of stars circling around a planet tattooed along her right waist. In the process of showing her tattoo she also exposed her g-string pink panties matching her pink bra. The hot pink was struggling to escape from her black denim jeans. She also lifted up the front of her blouse to show the tattoo of a face, with her belly button acting as a wide open mouth similar to Munch’s The Scream. She had a piercing in her naval making the tattoo look like it was screaming in pain from the hook dangling from its mouth. She was skinny now, with a flat stomach and very little figure to her waist. She had all the curves of a pencil. Kevin wondered what attracted Jason to this woman.

As she pulled up the left side of her blouse she displayed a tattoo of a fat bellied Buddha. She then allowed Jason to pick inside the shredded portion of her denim jeans to show the details of the tattoos on her legs. She had a story for them all. Kevin had to admit the artistry of the tattoos was impressive, better crafted than the ink stains appearing on the arms of Alexis. They were also not as violent as the tattoos shaping the arms of Victor Murray. The tattoos were very artistically done and had to have taken a big chunk of money out of her paycheck. “I’ve got others, but like they are you know in spots that are not meant to be shown in public,” she said spraying out a hyena laugh. Kevin thought she was a better match for Alexis than Jason. At least with Alexis they could share their tattoo exhibits. Jason had none to display. Kevin counted 10 visible tattoos on Emily.

The dolphin tattoo on her right hand was her first tattoo. It was the least obtrusive of them all. It represented her favorite animal. Her ideal job would be to work at Sea World and be one of those employees who ride the dolphins. The dragon on her right shoulder was her second tattoo. It is her Chinese zodiac symbol. Jason and Emily were born the same year, so they were both dragons. “Is that good?” Kevin asked. “You guys aren’t going to destroy each other while I’m not looking.”

“Dragons are compatible,” Emily responded.

Her father brought her to the States about four years ago, opening up an auto manufacturing plant in Florida. He stayed for two years before returning back to Korea once it was up and running. Emily had turned 18 when he returned to Korea. It was her decision to stay in Florida, getting a student visa to get an education here. There was nothing for her back in Korea. She didn’t get along with her mother, who was not the wife of her father but a mistress who smoked and drank a lot. Her father’s wife forbade him from having Emily stay with them because it reminded her of his lustful spirit. He was supposed to be over that now. So she was better off in the States.

While in the States she didn’t really spend too much time educating herself, choosing to work as a waitress instead to pay for her living expenses, even though her father would send her some money. Last year she was able to get her green card, so she no longer needed the pretense of going to school to stay in the United States. She still didn’t know what she wanted to do for a career. Working with dolphins at Sea World seemed a bit unrealistic now. She definitely did not want to work as a waitress at the Eastern Buffet all her life. “Maybe a musician,” but when Kevin asked she didn’t really play an instrument. “Drums would be pretty cool. You could settle a lot of anger issues pounding on the drums.”

When the date was over Jason walked her to the door of her apartment complex, putting out his hand to give her a goodbye hand shake. She pulled his hand toward her, grabbed him around the waist pulling Jason towards her and gave him a wet smooch across the lips, so quickly Jason did not have time to pucker, then ran to the door of her apartment complex to wave before stepping inside.

“That had to hurt or feel awkward with her piercing still attached to her lips,” Kevin commented.

Jason put his finger to his lips. “I didn’t even feel the metal. Her lips were moist and the kiss felt nice”. He was smitten.

Emboldened after the one date, Jason ventured alone for the second date. That had to have gone well since he got in just before curfew. Kevin worried he may have to send out a search party the closer it got to midnight, but Jason stepped in the door of his room with two minutes to spare. Kevin was listening for him in his room sitting on the couch like a worried mother. Jason figured out the bus routes in the city, or at least the one that took him near Emily’s place.

Over breakfast the next day Kevin asked him what he was going to do once he got assigned to a minor league team. They were still in Group four, which was being run by the Delmarva manager Dusty Rhodes. This seemed to indicate they would be assigned to Salisbury, Maryland to begin their season. The only bus route going from Maryland to Florida was Greyhound and that route was a twenty hour drive. As Kevin expected, Jason didn’t know. He always took life one step at a time.


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