Brown Leads Phillies in Slaughter of Rays

The Rays did not have much of a team show up at Clearwater today and it showed in their 10-1 loss.  Dominic Brown had two doubles and a single and Kevin Fransden and Freddy Galvis each drove in three runs to lead the offense.  The Phillies started Raul Valdes to start the first three innings and then used six different relievers to tame an anorexic Ray offense.  The only starter who showed up for the game for the Rays was Sean Rodriguez and he was playing out of position in centerfield.

Roberto Hernandez, ex- Fausto Carmona got the start for the Rays.  He looked good for the first four innings facing the minimum 12 hitters.  In the fifth and sixth the Phillies figured him out assaulting him for nine runs on nine hits.  The Rays did a horrible job with the cutoff throw on back to back singles into center with Sean Rodriguez making the throws home from center and Shelly Duncan not cutting the ball off allowing both runners to advance to second.  Dominic Brown got two doubles in the two innings, Ryan Howard got two opposite field singles and Freddy Galvis bashed a 2-run homer and RBI single.

Tampa Bay scored their only run in the second on a Sean Rodriguez double that scored Jason Bourgeois from first.  It did appear the throw beat the runner home and the tag made on top of the head was made before the runner reached home.  The run gave the Rays a brief 1-0 lead, but that didn’t last.

Game Notes: Interesting to see guys with signs proclaiming ”I need tickets” with a bunch of tickets spread out like a 12 card poker hand in their free hand.  These are not the guys I want to sell my extra tickets to.  I’ll eat my tickets before selling to them…A Philly fan was wearing a jersey with the name “Yankees Suck” and a uniform number of “24/7″.  Myworld has to give him points for creativity…Myworld was called a Romeo today.  It was later clarified to mean “Retired old man eating oatmeal.”…The Rays seem to draw well in exhibition games.  The attendance was over 10,000.  Every game myworld has been to in which the Rays was a visiting team was virtually a sellout with lots of Rays fans…Dominic Brown may not drive in a lot of runs with Ryan Howard hitting ahead of him in the lineup.  Howard at this point in his career is a station to station runner.  He was only able to get a single on a ball he bounced along the left field line and couldn’t score on two Brown doubles into the gap.  Most normal players would have scored on those two hits…Shelly Duncan played a poor defense at first base.  He should have attempted to throw Howard out at home on a ground ball.  Instead he went to tag the runner sliding into first and barely tagged him, when stepping on the bag would have been the safer out.  He also messed up a 3-1 play, rushing his throw and tossing it in the dugout.  His cutoff work was a bit shaky, but that could have been the fault of catcher Jose Lobaton for not yelling at him to cut it.

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