The Sex Tape (cont - 5)

When Larvell bid his goodbye to Mr. Hwa he left him still sitting on the bench, staring out at the bay. How easy it must be for a man worth millions to sit on a park bench staring at the sky.

Larvell’s thoughts were clouded as he took the walk back to the warehouse. That was pretty unexpected. It was only his third meeting with Mr. Hwa and already he had earned his trust to put up a substantial portion of money to allow Larvell to be a minority owner. Is this how people get rich? Was this whole sneaky relationship even legal? Nothing in life is free and this seemed like a whole lot of free to Larvell. What if he was being set up like Ruben? If they gave him the money to invest in the team he would be a puppet on a string. Larvell didn’t like being a puppet on a string. What did he even know about this Mr. Hwa to trust him? Having a minority ownership in the team was intriguing. It would be a step up over the general manager position. It certainly would not hurt his financial picture. He could climb the mountains of Kilimanjaro without worrying about where the funds would come from, invest in wine vineyards in France, do more of what he wanted to do outside the world of baseball so that if ever baseball came crashing down on him he would have options.

When he got back to his office he was informed by his secretary a Misty Xeng had called. At first he didn’t connect the name. He kept looking at the note Jackie had given him to remind himself who she might be. It was after he sat down in his chair, grabbed a couple nerf balls to throw at the wall that the familiarity of her name hit him. She was the woman who had orchestrated the protests at the State Department. Larvell didn’t know what kind of impact that had on influencing the government’s decision to allow Jason to keep his visa, but it was kind of moot with Jason still out of the picture.

He dialed her number. Since she worked for a Senator he didn’t really expect her to answer the phone and was prepared to leave a message.

“Senator Helm’s office, this is Misty.”

This caught him off guard. “Hi Misty. This is Larvell Blanks with the Orioles. I’m just returning your call.”

“Mr. Blanks. Thanks for calling me back.” She had a soothing voice, pleasant to listen to. She had no accent, erased by her education in the United States.

“What can I help you with?” Larvell asked.

“It’s not how you can help me Mr. Blanks. It is how I can help you. We have located Jason Woo. He is ready to come back to the United States. He is a little uncertain as to whether you would want him back.”


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