The Sex Tape (cont - 6) - end

Larvell walked to the café with a bounce in his step. He hadn’t felt this good since he took over the Orioles. Minority ownership in the Orioles. The return of Jason Woo. Ruben and his sex tape. Even a rare Oriole victory.

Lucy noticed his upbeat mood. “What are you so happy about? You look like you just won the lottery.”

“Can’t a man be in a good mood every once in awhile. It is a beautiful day today. The Orioles won. What more can you want in life.” He wanted to tell her more. That was the problem with living alone. You couldn’t share your secrets with anyone. Lucy was probably already aware of the sex tape, but did she know about the location of Jason Woo. It was hard not to let it spill from his mouth like a gushing stream. He restrained himself. It wasn’t the time for her to know. Lucy helped by changing the subject.

“What about that sleaze bag owner of the Orioles. No wonder we can never field a competitive team,” she said with disgust. “He is such an a**hole.”

“What an owner does with his private time should not have an impact on the won and loss record of a team.”

“How do you explain our twenty year losing streak since the son took over? At least the father could field a winning team on occasion. I hope major league baseball kicks his butt out into the streets. If he came here begging for a cup of coffee I’d shut the door on his face. They say he’s had to borrow money to meet pay roll and brought in some Chinamen as minority owners. How much lower can this franchise sink?”

Larvell always wondered who “they” were. Was she getting her information from the chat forums? Lucy didn’t look like the type who subscribed to the baseball magazines. She didn’t have the time to read those magazines. Her information had to be fed to her quickly by the forums and the chat blogs on the internet. Just like McDonalds. The accuracy of the information was not as important as the speed with which she could get it. Quick bites no more than three sentences in length. “Why not let the ownership group from China buy the team?”

Lucy let out a groan. “Oh please. Don’t let that happen. I’d have to become a Nationals fan. It’s bad enough that all our clothes and toys are made there. To have them own the Orioles – Yeech. That would be too painful. Stab me with a dagger. You want the usual?”

“How about slapping a little ham on the cheese? I feel a little like celebrating.”

“I’m glad somebody does.” He could hear her mumble as she went back to the kitchen area, clipping his food ticket for the chef on the wall, if anyone making a grilled ham and cheese sandwich can be called a chef, “Oh my God. The Orioles owned by China. Next thing you know they’ll have somebody running for President,” she could be heard whining from the kitchen.

Everything tastes better when you’re in a good mood. He was finishing up the first half of his grilled ham and cheese sandwich when he noticed a homeless man who looked seven months pregnant walk in the door. His shirt only covered half his belly. The other half was lurching out, his naval peeking out just below the shirt to show an outie. The shirt had not been washed since the last rain fall, which was a couple weeks ago. His stench drowned out the smell of the ham and cheese.

He stared at Larvell’s plate as if it had the scenic backdrops of the Grand Canyon on it. “You going to eat that other half?” He pointed to the second half of his sandwich. There was a blank empty look on his face.

“I paid for it. My plan was to eat it.”

“I’m hungry.” Larvell could see the swollen ankles, the chapped lips, the blood shot eyes. This was someone Larvell preferred not to deal with on a day like this. Larvell had nothing to gain from this confrontation with this bedraggled homeless man who had nothing to lose. The charitable decision would be to let him have the other half of the sandwich. He could easily afford another.

Larvell looked around the café. It was empty except for him. Lucy was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t really like the stink of this man or his burgeoning stomach. If he had been a little more polite about his request, perhaps by using the word “Please” Larvell could have relinquished the other half of his sandwich. Now his stubbornness was taking over.

Before he could respond that he was going to eat his other half, Lucy came storming out from the kitchen area like a lightning bolt screaming across the sky, “You get out of here before I call the police.”

The shrill cry of Lucy’s voice alone put a scare into him. He turned quickly for the door once he saw her maniacal stare. He struggled grasping the door knob, banged it against his stomach as he opened it and stumbled out the door and out into the streets, leaving the door to close on its own. If he was a dog his tail would be between his legs.

“Sorry about that. That isn’t the first time he has come in here begging for food.”

“Not a problem. You rescued me from making a decision between my sandwich or my pride.”

“I think I would have given up the sandwich.”

“For Him? Naw. You make the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town. Besides, it had ham in it.”

He finished the second half of his sandwich quicker than the first, took a last swig of the coffee. He picked up the check, looked at the price and gave her a twenty. “You keep the rest for your rescue”.

End of Chapter 20

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