The Resurrection

Chapter 21

The Resurrection

April 30 - President O’Shea said the United States would not be pressured to set conditions for their meeting with China prior to the September visit. The government of China has requested the United States limit the number of people allowed to protest in front of the embassy. It has been very difficult for their employees to report to work without being harassed by protesters. This could also create security issues for the September visit of Premier Li Jiabao if the protests continue into September. A China embassy spokesman said this will have an influence on their decision whether to continue with the visit of Premier Li Jiabao. Extra security has been put in place at the embassy and the protesters must clear a path to allow embassy employees to report to work. President O’Shea reminded China the United States is a free country which allows its citizens to protest where they choose as long as they do not impede another person’s right of freedom.

Kevin finally received an email message from Jason saying he was returning to the United States. That brought a smile to his face. Based on the tone of the message he got the impression Jason felt the team would not want him back after he had abandoned them to go back to China. “It was something I need to do,” his email read. “If personal issues not take care of I not be able to focus on baseball. I sorry for not tell u sooner of my leaving but knew u would stop me. Hope u not get in trouble. If team still want me back I ready to come back.”

John was in a care center where Jason felt he was getting the proper treatment for his cancer. There was not much he could do now but hope for the best. They may not be able to eliminate the cancer entirely, but at least they could extend his life a few more years to allow him to live those years in comfort. There was nothing more for Jason to do in China. “I tell you more next time I see you. All that happen to much to put in one email.”

Kevin emailed him back, assuring him the team would be glad to have him back. “As far as I know I did not get in trouble for allowing you to sneak off. I just wish you had contacted me sooner. It would have been nice if you had responded to my earlier email to say you were doing well. I would have felt better knowing you were okay. All’s well that ends well I guess. It’s kind of boring here without you. It will be good to have you back to bring some excitement to the games.”

Kevin tried to call Moose to let him know he had heard from Jason and that he was interested in coming back. Moose did not pick up the phone. All Kevin could do was leave a voice mail message. By the time Moose called him back he had already received the news of Jason’s return.

“I’ve already spoken to Larvell. We are making arrangements to bring him back. I’ll be picking him up at the airport in a couple days. He still has to work on getting a flight and we’re making sure his visa is still valid.”

“Are you going to have him pitch in Delmarva?” Kevin asked.

“That has not been discussed yet. We’re just glad to have him back. Besides, the way you guys are kicking butt down there you don’t need any help. I’ll let you know once we’ve made a decision on where Jason will play.”

Delmarva was in first place in the South Atlantic League by five games with a 19-5 record. Kevin had cooled off, with his average dipping just below .300, but the rest of the team was still hitting, including Alexis, who was leading the league in homeruns with 10 and RBIs with 28. He also found himself second in batting average at .390. Wreckit had slugged 8 homeruns, including one in each of the last three games. Overall, the team was leading the league in hitting at .298. They just needed some help with their pitching staff. Troy was the best at getting hitters out, but he was very inconsistent at that.

While Kevin did not like the back and forth drive between Delmarva and his house, which was about a two hour commute, he did like his ability to see Shu and Jasmine each morning before taking the long ride. They were usually asleep by the time he returned home from a night game. The road games to North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Southern Virginia and even Georgia still required the use of his laptop to communicate with them each night.

Now that Jason was returning this could complicate his arrangement of commuting from home. The team was paying him to ease Jason’s transition to the United States. This would require him to be with Jason night and day. While Jason was a nice roomie, Shu was his wife. Given the choices, he would prefer to stay with his wife.

“Why not he stay here?” Shu volunteered.

Kevin had thought of that, but he had concerns with the press and how invasive they would be with their home environment. They were pretty aggressive at spring training, constantly going beyond the established barriers to take pictures of Jason. Kevin could just picture some of them peering into the windows of his house trying to take pictures of Jason. He did not want to have that kind of living environment surrounding Jasmine. He preferred she live a normal, quiet life, not influenced by the flash of cameras.

There was also his admission of hearing voices. Only crazy people heard voices talking to them inside their head. News accounts were filled with stories of people committing atroicities because voices inside their head had commanded them to commit some randomly violent act. Kevin did not want that to happen in his house, even though for all practical purposes Jason acted pretty normal.

“Where would he stay?” Kevin protested. They had three bedrooms. Jasmine stayed in one, the mother-in-law the other and he and Shu shared the master bedroom. He didn’t like the idea of moving the baby to stay with them in the master bedroom. He also didn’t want to ask his mother in law to put up with a baby in her room. Besides, Shu had done a good job of outfitting the baby room with lots of baby stuff, flying monkeys, unicorns, giraffes and elephants hanging from the ceiling down to her crib. The wallpaper also showed a number of smiling, furry, cute animals. It was a jungle like environment inside Jasmine’s bedroom. Her eyes enjoyed following all the animals, laughing at their movements as they flew above her crib, just out of reach of her stubby little hands. It was not a room meant for a grown man to sleep in.

The bedroom was also set up with speakers so they could hear the baby’s every movement, the giggling as the animals bounced from the sky, the crying when her diapers got a little too crowded with poop. They also had speakers in their bedroom, as well as the kitchen and the living room so they could hear her no matter what room separated them from her cries. With Shu’s mom around she was rarely left alone except for when she was put in her room to sleep.

“There woom in basement where you keep weights. He can stay there. You not do much with weights during season. We just move weights to ga-wage.”

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