It’s the President’s Office (cont - 4)

Larvell smiled. This Lindsey Graham was a cocky bastard. Voice smooth as butter. Never a hesitation in his words. He could probably get anything he wanted by telling someone he worked for the President. Who would say no to a request from the President? Not Larvell. Even if he didn’t believe one game could be such a national security issue. That would be a first in Larvell’s career. “That would certainly help. We’ll talk in a couple weeks.”

After he ended the call he reached in his drawer to pick up a couple nerf baseballs. He began throwing them against the wall trying to think of his next move. He silently grunted out a few swear words knowing that if he said them too loud Jackie would hear them. He didn’t want to subject her to that. Patience. Got to be patient. Don’t overreact. So it was the President of the United States. Stay focused.

Should he contact Ruben to let him know about this conversation? Why didn’t they call Ruben? Why did they have to call him? Put all that pressure on him. Maybe they called Ruben. Or perhaps his issues with the sex tapes and cavorting with escorts placed him in the persona non grata category? The President was up for reelection in November. The last person he wants to be seen with is an obese giant who cavorts with prostitutes. Larvell wondered when the skeletons in his closet would get exposed.

Ruben would not be happy if he found out Larvell had talked to the Office of the President of the United States without his consent. He should have just told Lindsey he could not talk to him. Not until he got permission from Ruben. He would have to meet with Ruben now to let him know he had talked to the Office of the President.

Larvell pushed the button to the phone that linked him to Jackie.

“Yes, Mr. Blanks.”

“I’d like you to contact Moose, Pablo and Rigo and have them come to my office no later than one P.M. tomorrow. I don’t care where they are. I want them here for an emergency meeting. Also, see if you can set up a meeting with Ruben. I know he is not seeing a lot of people these days, but let him know it is urgent.”

“Yes sir. Is everything all right?” Jackie had concern in her voice.

“I just got a call from the Office of the President. Everything is hunky dory.”

“You must be in a sticky wicket.”

“Yes I am.” He pushed the button to end the call. He had one last ball in his drawer and he flung it as hard as he could against the wall. He lost his balance and fell out of his chair. As he lay on the floor he stared at the emptiness of the ceiling. He lay motionless. This was the same position Ruben had been forced into after the Kathy Li interview, when his chair broke sending him crashing to the floor. The view did not look so bad from here. “Now this is a restful spot to be in. If only I could stay like this until October.” Ruben probably had those same thoughts.


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