It’s the President’s Office (cont - 7)

At the ball parks it was becoming more common for four or five people to ask Jason Woo for his autograph, look at Kevin Beamer, realize who he was and ask for his autograph too. The two had become like Batman and Robin, the Green Hornet and Kato, only Kevin was Robin or Kato, the sidekick behind the hero. Kevin began to notice that not every camera in the ballpark with an Asian standing behind it was taking a picture of Jason. Some were taking pictures of Kevin. He hadn’t really paid too much attention to this before. Or perhaps it just wasn’t there.

The difference between Kevin and Jason is Kevin didn’t think he had the patience of Jason to tolerate the constant interruptions. Up until now his life was lived in anonymity. He didn’t know if he could accept the spot light as calmly and stoically as Jason. Not once did Kevin see Jason get angry at a fan or photographer who came up to him requesting an autograph or a photo, even if he was in the process of shoving a spoonful of food into his mouth. For Kevin, the roles were being reversed. Kevin was now looking at Jason for guidance at how he deals with all the attention from the fans and the media. Earlier in their relationship Jason had been dependent on Kevin for survival in America. He had learned his lesson well. Now Kevin would be dependent on Jason for surviving this brief visit with fame. Kevin only hoped he would be just as good a student as Jason.

They were driving back from the game. At least now he had Jason in the car with him to keep him company on the long ride back. No more singing to himself, or even talking to himself on those late nights when he was trying to keep himself awake.

“I got good news today,” Jason said in English to break the silence. They were comfortable with each other. They could drive the whole length of the trip without speaking if they had nothing to talk about. It was one of those relationships where words were spoken to convey thought or news, not just to create mindless conversation about the weather neither of them cared about. There was no obligation for the two to speak unless one had something to say.

“Can’t imagine what that would be,” Kevin said, his head swaying back and forth to the country song twanging from the radio, his eyes focused on the road. “You get promoted without them telling me?”

“Not baseball news. Emily moving to Vagina.” In his English Jason made Virginia sound like a female body part.

Kevin had to laugh. “Vagina?”

Jason ignored Kevin’s retort. “You member Emily?”

“Sure I do.” They hadn’t really talked too much about Emily since Jason left Florida. Kevin did chastise Jason after he got back when he learned Jason emailed Emily multiple times while he had disappeared in China but waited until the day he decided to return before contacting Kevin. Jason tried to explain to Kevin that Emily is a woman and women need constant reinforcement to show you are thinking about them. Guys can go months without talking to each other and it won’t bother them. That was something Kevin had explained to Jason earlier in their friendship. Jason was throwing it back at him.

“She tired of heat and humidity of Flow-e-da. She also tired of working in Chinese west-a-want. She has chance to work at Kow-ean west-a-want in place called Annandale at the place of her aunt.”

“That would make more sense, a Korean working at a Korean restaurant.”

“She be moving here in couple week.”

“That’s great.” Kevin was excited for Jason. He looked happy.

“I bit worried. What if all not work out? We see each other only couple time before I leave for China. I no want her come all this way and be disappoint.”

“Did you ask her to come out here?”


“Then don’t worry about it. She is coming of her own free will. You have no responsibility if things don’t work out. She has her aunt here to keep her company if things don’t work out between you two and besides, you need someone else to hang out with. Now we can double date, instead of you being the third wheel.”

“What third wheel?”

Jason still had trouble understanding American slang. “The third wheel is not necessary when two wheels can properly control the vehicle.” Kevin still saw the confused look on his face and added, “A bicycle normally runs well on two wheels. The third wheel on a bicycle is kind of awkward. So now we will have four wheels, which is better.”

Jason still looked confused. “I awkward?”

“Forget it. It is good she is coming to Virginia.”

When they got home it was past one in the morning. Kevin tried to sneak in the bed without disturbing Shu. Most nights it worked. Tonight it didn’t. This time Shu seemed like she was waiting for him. As he crawled under the covers Shu turned over and before he could get fully comfortable under the covers she had her head resting on his chest. Kevin was impressed how she accomplished this feat. She must be a contortionist. Now, the contortionist wanted to talk.

“Did you win?” she asked in a sleepy whisper.

“Of course we did. Jason was pitching.” Kevin knew she didn’t care about the outcome of the game. Winning or losing baseball games had no concept to her game of life. The only important thing about winning is it put Kevin in a better mood.

“That good,” she said while letting out a yawn. “Do you think Jason happy?”

“I think Jason is content. Why do you ask?”

“He seem alone. When he not with you he on laptop on in-tah-net or playing video games. He not seem to have fwiends. I wah-wee bout him. All people want piece of his life, but no one care bout him as pah-son.”

“We care. Jason will be fine. Besides, Emily is moving out here in a couple weeks.”

Shu quickly pulled her head from his chest, got up on her knees and looked excitedly at Kevin. Her shirt hung down exposing her naked swollen mosquito bites she had for breasts. “Emily? Weally? Who Emily?” but before Kevin could respond she continued “That exciting. I happy for him. We have to invite Emily to dinnah.”

“Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Let things sort themselves out and then we will let Jason invite Emily to dinner.”

Shu lay back in the bed with her head now on her pillow. Kevin could sense she was not sleeping. She was probably trying to figure out what she was going to cook for the dinner Emily would be eating when she came over to the house in a couple weeks.


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