It’s the President’s Office (cont - 8) - end

Misty Xeng did not like Lindsey Graham. Anyone who wore pressed suits costing more than her weekly salary, kept his teeth an ivory white, straight and perfectly in line like a keyboard, with every inch of hair combed in place, spending as much for his haircuts as she did for hers, clearly thought too much of himself. Every inch of his body was chiseled with purpose. It was apparent he liked to work out, jogged each day and wasn’t afraid to be seen walking outside with his shirt off, constantly admiring his abs and pecs while he cooled off outside after his jog, selecting the perfect time to be waiting by the entrance, just when lunch was about to end and everyone would be returning to the building to admire his physique. She also had a problem with his name, which sounded more like a girl’s name.

Her boss Congressman Tommy Helms had given her a head’s up on the request. “That Jason Woo character was a big topic of conversation at the staff meeting.” He was referring to the President’s meeting with members of the House Ways and Means. These were weekly meetings. Misty was not allowed to attend those meetings. “It seems the Chinese Premier wants to see him pitch when he comes to the United States in September. Your friend Mr. Graham has been put in charge of making it happen.”

Congressman Helms put the emphasis on the word “your friend” since he knew how much Misty disliked Lindsey. He had probably dated every single attractive female staffer in the building and then some that were not so attractive or so single. A relationship would only last a couple months at most before his interest moved to a new girl who entered the building unaware of his reputation. He had tried to ask Misty out a long time ago when she was first hired but she would have none of that.

Many of her friends were envious of Misty when they learned of Lindsey’s interest in her. They were also disappointed when she told them she was not interested. “Honey, he works for the President. The President of the United States! That’s a no brainer girl. You could go places with someone like him,” Brandi had told her. Misty remembered Brandi had a few dates with him, before they got to know each other.

Misty did not ask Brandi where he took her on those couple dates before dumping her for fear of hitting a sensitive chord. “He’s not my type.”

“None of the men are your type. I haven’t seen you out with a man in at least two years.”

“I’ve been busy.” Working on the hill had kept her busy and the men she worked with just didn’t attract her. Her best male friend was gay and anytime she needed a man to accompany her on a date she asked him. It was a more comfortable arrangement to enjoy the evening without having to worry about some man keeping his hands off your private parts.

She didn’t really know what to do with the information her boss gave her. The only person she knew who worked for the Orioles who had any influence was Larvell Blanks, but she had only spoken to him twice. He seemed like a nice guy who had the interests of Jason Woo at heart. She thought she would call him to give him some warning before Lindsey called. She didn’t really know what it accomplished, but it was something she felt she had to do.

end of chapter 23

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