The Rap Song and Video Game (cont - 2)

Major league baseball was again pleased with the ratings for the telecast of the second game Jason pitched. As far as numbers, more televisions were tuned to this High A minor league game than the World Series last year. The fact most of those televisions were in China was not an issue. Money was still dripping in. That is what was important.

“How do they figure all that stuff out,” Larvell asked Rigo.

“Beats me. What is really strange is my mom asked me how our catcher is doing. She’s in India. They don’t usually watch baseball in India. So I asked her how she heard about it and she said she was watching the game. She doesn’t even like baseball. She kept asking me who is going to replace him. I didn’t want to explain to her that he only plays for our lower level minor league franchise, so replacing him is not that important.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Larvell corrected. He had already looked at his depth chart to see what catchers were in extended spring training or the lower levels but he didn’t like what he saw. None of them gave him any confidence they could do the job as well as Kevin. If Kevin was out for the year or even an extended period of time it would be tough to replace him. He also looked at all the available catchers that were still free agents. There was a reason no team had signed them by now. He could trade for a catcher but none of them had the intangibles Kevin possessed - ability to speak Mandarin, understood the game and was a leader of men. He never even thought about his ability to hit. Or not to hit.

“She also watched it because she wanted to hear the thunder.”

“This thunder crap is driving me up the wall. Yesterday I got a call from a university. The name escapes me but they wanted to conduct a study on what may cause the thunder after Jason is done pitching. They wanted to put monitors on his chest and wires in his head the next time he pitched. I told them to f*** off. I don’t have a problem with them monitoring him as long as they don’t go near Jason or put wires in his head. How is somebody supposed to pitch under those conditions? They objected to that restriction saying it would be difficult to determine the cause of the thunder if they could not monitor his pulse and brain waves. This is starting to become a distraction.”

“They still going to do it?”

“They said they would get back to me, but I have not heard from them yet.”

Jason was the buzz of the local community with the chat rooms, blogs and forums all talking about the starts of Jason Woo and the thunder to follow. Three games, clear skies in all three and three bursts of thunder. The only variable common in all three was Jason was pitching and Kevin was catching. There were many theories given on the cause. None of them made any sense. In fact, Jason as the cause of this thunder did not make any sense.

The regional network also took advantage of his popularity requesting some of the Oriole major league games be replaced with minor league games in which Jason Woo was scheduled to pitch. They asked for Larvell to provide them with a schedule for when he pitches.

The regional network requested some of the Oriole major league games be replaced with minor league games in which Jason Woo was scheduled to pitch. They asked for Larvell to provide them with a schedule for when he pitches.

“They can’t do that,” Rigo protested. “How are you supposed to know that? The decision over who starts is that of the manager.”

“They can do anything they want. Whatever is bringing in the money rules in this world. The sad part is much of that money filters down to us. Without it we could not operate, making it difficult to impossible to say no. Is it for the good of the game? Who knows? But I will venture to say more people who have never been exposed to baseball or had much of an interest in the game know about it now because of Jason Woo.”

“Will they stay? All they seem to care about is the thunder.”

“And his fastball. If you just get a handful of people interested that’s all that matters. My concern is how am I supposed to know when Jason pitches? We don’t even know how long he will be playing in the Carolina League. I never thought I would see the day when a minor league team becomes more popular than the major league team. I’ve asked Moose to contact Joe to get a tentative pitching schedule for Jason. We’ll try to help the networks out as much as possible. Without them we would have trouble paying our bills.”

“You’re sounding more and more like Ruben.”

“Bite your tongue.”

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