Planes, Trains, Automobiles and a Couple Buses

Who says I won’t go through great depths to see a baseball game.  The day started off Tuesday morning when I got into my car and drove to a parking spot near the metro to take a short train ride that would take me to a bus to get to the airport.  The plane ride from Dulles in D.C. to Narita was about 14 hours.  There was a four hour wait time in Narita to get onto the next flight from Narita to Taipei.  That was about a three hour flight.  I had to wait in Taipei two hours for the bus to take me from Taipei to Taichung, which is about an hour ride.  The final leg was a five minute taxi ride to the hotel, arriving at the hotel at 3 AM on Thursday morning Taiwan time.  The baseball starts tomorrow.  Of course, my world doesn’t have any tickets yet.

It seems I have lost a day somewhere, though actual travel hours I calculate as being a 26 hour journey.  Myworld is used to losing days when traveling, especially to Asia when you lose a day.  Myworld has probably lost six months of our life flying on airplanes or waiting at airports.  Of course, many of us lose days to our lives sitting in automobiles making our commute to work. There is always a price somewhere. You just have to be prepared to meet it.

The plane ride was torture for two infants, one landing in Narita and the other landing in Taipei.  I can’t imagine the popping that was going on in their ears.  The passengers had to listen to their constant wails as the plane descended to the ground.  Myworld now knows what an observer of waterboarding must feel like.  There is nothing you can do to stop the torture, but you wonder how anyone can put someone through so much pain.  Parents should think hard before putting infants on airplanes, one for the pain they cause the baby and two for the misery that it creates for the passengers who have to listen to their painful cries.

The Holiday Inn in Taichung is quite impressive.  The window view I have is of a park with water and clay tennis courts.  There is a free breakfast in the morning.  The city seems much safer than Panama City.  I don’t think I would be so comfortable arriving in Panama City at 3 AM in the morning and expecting a taxi driver to meet me and only charge me a couple bucks to drive me to the hotel.  The taxi driver in Panama would try to get $10 from me and wouldn’t care where he left me.  This driver wanted to make sure that I arrived at the right place and was much more responsive that I got into the hotel.

There is a lot to do today.  Myworld will catch up on the International baseball news we have missed while getting to Taiwan once we get the lay of the land.  While we have been to Taiwan twice, this is my first time in Taichung.

A co-worker told me that I am the most driven person she has ever met.  I guess I just proved that by going through all that just to see a baseball game in Taichung.  Sometimes you have to do incrediable things to find the enjoyment out of life.  Some who know me would call them crazy things. I would just call them life experiences.

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