Top Ten After Ten - Diamondbacks

Myworld continues to look at the top ten prospects for each team in 2003 to determine how they fared.  The top ten list was put together by Baseball America.  The Diamondback list has a distinctly Asian flare to it.

1. Scott Hairston (OF) - He was supposed to be the power hitter his brother Jerry was not.  That power did not show up consistently resulting in him being more of a fourth outfielder than a starter.  Currently with the Cubs and gets most of his at bats against left handed pitchers.

2. Mike Gosling (LHP) - Gosling never completed a full year in the majors.  He stayed on that AAA to major league shuttle for a number of teams, finally retiring in 2010.

3. Lyle Overbay (1B) - currently a starting first baseman for the New York Yankees until Mark Teixeira returns from his injury.  He never showed the power to play first base on a consistent basis and has always been a one year fill-in until a minor league prospect was ready or a veteran overcame an injury.

4. John Patterson (RHP) - As with many pitchers John had some early success but arm injuries prevented that success from having staying power.  He retired in 2009 with an 18-25 career record.

5. Brandon Webb (RHP) - His sinker was lights out in 2006 when he won the Cy Young award.  A series of shoulder surgeries sidelined him from 2009 to 2012.  He finally retired in 2013 with a 87-62 won/loss record.

6. Edgar Gonzalez (LHP) - Born in Mexico he has survived as a bullpen pitcher only because of his lefthanded delivery.  He is currently pitching for the Houston Astros but in 2010 he pitched in Korea for the LG Twins.

7. Sergio Santos (SS) - He eventually saved his career by turning himself into a relief pitcher with a three digit fastball.  He never could generate any consistent offense despite his 6′3″ frame.  The last couple years he has been plagued by arm problems which could jeopardize his career.

8. Chad Tracy (1B) - Currently a pinch hitter for the Nationals, but prior to that he had a couple of good early years with the Diamondbacks, hitting 47 of his 83 homeruns in 2005 and 2006.  His career started to go on a decline after that.  In 2011 he played for the Hiroshima Carp, playing one year in Japan before returning to play a part time role with the Nationals.

9. Brian Bruney (RHP) - Bruney had some brief success as the Diamondbacks closer in 2005 when he saved 12 games but a 7.43 ERA did not allow him to keep the job that long.  He bounced around the bullpen of a number of teams to put up a 19-12 record and is currently waiting for a team to sign him this year.

10. Luis Terrero (OF) - He had a better Mexican Winter League career than major league career.  After winning the MVP in the Mexican League in 2011 the Rakuten Eagles of the Japanese NPB signed him to a contract.  He could not find .200 in Japan and only lasted half a season.  He continues to be a winter league staple but any more major league appearances appear slim.

Other prospects who made significant contributions in the major leagues.

12. Chris Snyder (C) - Currently the back up catcher for the Baltimore Orioles.  He has made a career as a back up catcher with an occasional starting opportunity.

16. Jose Valverde (RHP) - He has had a lot of success as the Tigers closer.  Papa Grande was traded to the Houston Astros prior to the 2008 season before becoming a free agent and signing with the Tigers in 2010.

2003 draft selections who made it to the major leagues:

Conor Jackson and Carlos Quintin were their two number one picks who didn’t make much of a contribution to the Diamondbacks.  Quintin has had the better career of the two, currently the starting outfielder for the San Diego Padres when healthy.  Jackson recently retired after failing to make the Orioles roster.

sixth round pick Orlando Mercado out of Puerto Rico got some back up opportunities.  Chris Coghlan was an 18th round pick who never signed.  He went on to have a good rookie year for the Marlins, but after that rookie season has struggled to stay in the major leagues.

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