The Rap Song and Video Game (cont - 3)

“Did you know there is a You Tube video of the collision yesterday that has recorded over one hundred thousand views already? Twenty four hours have not elapsed and already one hundred thousand views. That’s amazing. There’s even a rap song sung by a group from China that goes with the video.”

“A rap song?” Larvell interrupted. “I didn’t think they allowed rap in China?”

“They are a lot more progressive than you realize. It’s pretty cool. The lyrics are in English. The video shows multiple slow motion replays of the collision from different angles. They also show the tackle Kevin made in spring training. Remember that. It’s a collage of Kevin Beamer highlights. I recorded the song on my phone.” He took out his phone and pushed the play button.

I’m a warrior
My name is Kevin Beamer
I catch and I throw
Like a major leaguer

A warrior
I catch for Jason Woo
He throws all the heat
Makes the thunder brew

Rigo pushed the off button. “You get the gist. It’s called a warrior. You have to go online to see the video.”

“I get it. It seems we’ve got a theme going here. I never thought Kevin had been here long enough to have a highlight film posted on youtube.”

“He seems to be doing all right. It was amazing the amount of flowers the hospital received yesterday. A lot of fans seem to care about him despite his lack of major league stats. Do we know the status?”

“We’ll wait to hear from the doctors before we decide whether to put him on the disabled list. If he is going to miss more than a few days we’ll DL him. The doctors are pretty certain he has a concussion but they do not yet know how severe it is. We’ll go through the standard concussion protocols before we have him catching again.”

“Pablo was telling me the catcher who just got promoted to replace Kevin in Delmarva is Francisco. He was the first player to catch Jason.”


“I just think that is ironic. The whole three degrees of Kevin Bacon theory. Now we have the three degrees of Jason Woo/Kevin Beamer connections. We could always promote him to replace Kevin if he has to go on the DL. At least he has some experience catching Jason.”

“We’ll let Francisco get comfortable where he’s at before we promote him so soon.”

Rigo shot straight up from his chair. “I almost forgot. Guess who I heard from that can almost match your call from the President of the United States.”

“Somebody contacted you more important than the President of the United States?”

“Almost as important as the President. And she didn’t contact me directly. It was a ‘to whom it may concern’ type of memo one of my interns picked up off the FAX machine. Because she showed it to me I’m taking credit for it.”

“The Prime Minister of India?”

“Close. You’re in the right geographical area.”

Kevin thought in silence for a moment, but after India he was drawing blanks. “I give up. Who?”

“How about Aung San Suu Kyi, President of Burma and a Nobel Peace Prize winner?”

“What did she want? They don’t play baseball in Burma.”

Kathy had cut that portion out of her interview, but we included it in our unedited version. She requested Jason be made available for a visit to Burma for an appearance at a baseball seminar they would like to organize there for the youth. They would be honored to have him as a guest speaker of sorts. They would pay any expenses for his stay there. ”

“I’m hoping she’s looking at a date after the season is over?”

“She didn’t really say. She probably does not know how long the baseball season runs.”

“I’ll put you in charge of the response. Make sure it’s legit. It’s nice to see the Kathy Li interview paying some dividends. We may have a losing team, but we have a popular team. The President of the United States. China. Burma. Your mom in India. Who’s next?”


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