The Rap Song and Video Game (cont - 4)

The first chore for Kevin when he got home was to visit the crib where Jasmine lay sleeping. She must have sensed his presence because she opened her eyes and gave him an excited smile, little spit bubbles popping out of her mouth, her small, stubby hands reaching up to greet him. It gave him a smile to light up his day. He picked her up, lifted her as high as he could. She laughed excitedly. “Look at those half googly eyes. Half Asian, half Caucasian. What does life have in store for you my little princess?”

Shu’s mother had been sitting next to her in the crib. “She is so excited to see her daddy,” she cooed in Mandarin in her best infant voice.

“She doesn’t care that I go 0 for 3. She is always happy to see me.” He gently placed her back down in the crib. As he walked away, Jasmine’s eyes tried to follow him as her head lay on the pillow. She spasmed with joy.

“What time is Emily coming over?” Kevin asked Jason.

Shu’s mom had finished the meal Shu had started since Shu had spent the evening in the hospital with Kevin. Shu was now running around a bit frantic because she wanted to clean the house of what dust particles may have fallen while she was away and also help her mom finalize the meal. Jason was trying his best to help Shu set the table, but also stay out of her way. He was wearing the only button down shirt he owned, the same one he wore for the Kathy Li interview. Its colors were a bit faded from all the wear it was getting.

“She said she would try to be at the Metro station by 6.” It was an off day. They would be traveling to Salem early tomorrow morning. It was unclear if Kevin would be part of that trip.

The doctors informed him he had suffered a mild concussion. They didn’t want him to play for a couple days. Rest. Take it easy. After a couple days of inactivity see how he feels. If he experiences any dizzy spells or headaches during that time he was to let them know. After a couple days he was scheduled to return to the hospital to have them check him out again. They could get a better reading on his condition after the second check up. If he got on the bus to Salem he would not be able to meet this hospital appointment.

Kevin debated whether he should travel to Salem or stay back with Shu and Jasmine. He thought it best he stay with the team. This was still a new team for Jason. He would feel more comfortable with Kevin around. Jason tried to convince him it was only for a couple days. He would be fine without him for one road trip.

Fortunately, Kevin did not have to worry about driving to Virginia to pick up Emily. While he felt fine to drive, by the time he was discharged from the hospital and got back to the house they would have never been able to drive to Virginia to make it back to the house before seven, not with all the rush hour traffic. Their house was a mile from the Metro, which was walking distance. Jason volunteered to walk to the Metro to meet her but Kevin insisted it would be wise if they picked her up in a vehicle. He could walk her back if everything went well. “You don’t know how she is dressed. She could be in high heels and the mile walk would not be comfortable.” Kevin remembered how she dressed. It was not normal. This fashionista did not seem like the type to wear tennis shoes.

“I told her to dress casual.”

“I don’t know. She seems like the little fashion princess to me. Her definition of casual is probably much different than ours.”

When they picked her up she was not wearing high heels. She was wearing leather sandals laced up to her calf. They did not appear to be comfortable walking shoes. She was dressed in what Kevin would define as casual jeans that fell just below the knees and a simple blouse that dropped short of her naval exhibiting the artistry of the “Scream” tattoo slapped in the middle of it. That would get some stares from the mother in law. Fortunately she had a flat belly you could iron clothes on. The jeans were shredded at the thighs. That was her big fashion statement. Shu’s father would appreciate the look. During his visit he had relayed a story to Kevin about “making a beautiful pair of jeans only to have to take a razor to them because that is what my client requested. It just seems so wrong to ruin a perfectly made pair of jeans, but the client paid good money to tear them up. If that’s what they want that’s what I’ll provide. The customer is always right.” He would look proudly on those pair of jeans hugging Emily’s hips in their shredded and tattered state. It was certainly not casual as defined by Kevin, but it was far from formal.

Emily compromised her somewhat conservative dress by the color of her hair. It was stained a platinum blonde. Kevin couldn’t help but stare at the blonde matt laying on her head coming down in bangs to her eyes, wondering if it was a wig or her real hair painted blonde. He had seen pictures of blonde Asian women, but he had never actually seen one in person. Kevin could tell from the look Jason gave her that he was a bit surprised as well.

She also wore a little more makeup than what Kevin remembered the one time they went out in Florida, especially with the eye mascara and the goth black lip stick. The piercings had disappeared, so that was an improvement. Or at least Kevin couldn’t find any. He didn’t want to look too hard to make her uncomfortable. Her blouse covered the dragoon tattoo on her shoulder, but it was difficult to hide the dolphin tattoo on her hand or the scream painting crying out from her naval. When he spotted the dolphin tattoo he also noticed all her nails were painted a rainbow of different colors. The bare midriff look also exposed the etchings of the two tattoos painted on each side of her hips, the giant, smiling Buddha with his big belly on her right side and the stars circling a planet on her left. All Kevin could think about was Shu’s reaction once she first placed her eyes on her blonde hair, tattoos and colored nails. This would be the first time she would meet Emily. Kevin had warned her she was a bit different.

As she walked to greet them Kevin noticed the stops and stares from the many people exiting and entering the Metro station. All had to stop to stare at her looks. She was certainly grabbing their attention. Jason gave her a hug. A photographer from somewhere snapped a picture. Kevin didn’t really see him but he saw the flash. That hug would be featured on some gossip magazine somewhere speculating on the new girl in his life, until they realized she was not so new if they recognized her photos with Jason from Florida. The blond look would make that tough. They had gotten to the point where they could ignore the photographers now as long as they kept their distance. Always trying to be on the lookout for them just complicated life.

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