Rap Song and Video Game (cont - 5)

It only took them a couple minutes to get back to the house. Shu ran from the kitchen when she heard the door open and then abruptly stopped once she saw Emily. It was as if she had been struck by a force field preventing her from advancing any further. Fortunately, Emily’s back was turned so she didn’t notice the sudden stop and the look of astonishment on Shu’s face. Shu put on her best smile when Emily with all her blonde locks turned to greet her.

“This is my wife Shu,” Kevin said to Emily. Emily walked toward Shu. They did a gentle hug as if both did not want to break the other’s bones. Kevin could see Shu take note of the tattoo on her hand with the rainbow colored nails. She tried her best to keep from staring. She moved her stare to her platinum blonde hair instead. That didn’t last long after she spotted the tattoos on her left and right thighs. Emily was a walking monument to be stared at in wonder.

If Shu was shocked her mother almost fainted when she saw Emily. “Is that a wig?” she asked in Mandarin, her mouth gapped wide open. Fortunately Emily did not understand Mandarin.

“Emily is Korean,” Jason explained in Mandarin. “She doesn’t understand Mandarin.” Shu’s mother continued to stare at her hair as if birds were about to hatch from there. She didn’t want to miss the event. She had yet to notice the large tattoos on her thighs and her stomach. It would not take long for them to go unnoticed.

Dinner was not quite ready yet. Kevin could hear both Shu and her mom jabber in Mandarin from the kitchen sounding like birds fighting on a wire. “Is that her real hair?” “It doesn’t look like a wig.” “Asians are not meant to be blonde. They just look strange.” “Ignore it. She’s Jason’s friend.” “What he sees in her I’ll never know. Her jeans are all torn. Do you suppose she tore them walking to the house? ” “It’s the style mom. She bought them that way.” “Torn? I’ll never understand young people. What’s with the tattoos?” “Everyone has tattoos nowadays. Quit being so critical. Enjoy her company.” Kevin left the kitchen to join Jason and Emily in the living room. It was quieter there.

Emily had offered to help in the kitchen, but Shu told her to keep the men out of trouble. It was probably a good thing Emily was not in the kitchen. It would save her from the daggers Shu’s mom would throw at her with her eyes.

Jason was struggling to create a conversation with Emily in the living room. They had hit an awkward period of silence when Kevin walked in. It had been awhile since the two had seen each other, though they had been doing a lot of texting. This was their first face time since her arrival from Florida.

Kevin walked Emily over to the crib in the den to meet Jasmine. He handed her to Emily. When Emily grabbed her and put her over her shoulder Jasmine immediately deposited spittle and other debris to feed the dragon. Maybe she was shocked by the blonde hair too.

“Now that wasn’t so polite,” Kevin said to Jasmine. He noticed how stiff both Jasmine and Emily were with their bonding. He grabbed one of the baby wipes to give to Emily while he took Jasmine from her grasp. Emily seemed to be relieved of the responsibility. “I’m not very good with babies,” she apologized.

“None of us are at first. You learn fast once they become yours.”

When they returned to the living room Emily commented on the collision Kevin took in the ball game. “It looked pretty scary. I mean I can’t believe you are just like totally walking around as if nothing happened. If that were me I would be wrapped in bandages – if I had survived.”

“You get lucky sometimes.”

“Aren’t you worried about like concussions and dementia?”

“There are occupational hazards in every job. If I was sitting behind a desk I would be looking at high blood pressure or diabetes from being overweight.”

“Or cutting your hands on broken glass.” Kevin assumed Emily was talking about an occupational hazard from being a waitress. “You know my dad like couldn’t believe it when I told him I was going to dinner with you and Jason. Like I didn’t realize you guys have made such an international impact, even in Korea. You had told me you were big in China, but Korea…Wow. This may sound kind of weird, but I mean he asked if I could get your autographs for him.”

“Who? Me or Jason?”

“Both of you. Totally.”

“Not a problem. You tell me what you want us to sign.”

“I hadn’t thought that part out yet. Let me think about it. Just don’t let me forget.”

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