Baseball Makes the Top Three

There was a lot of back slapping when baseball made the top three in sports up for consideration to be added to the 2020 Olympics.  Those three sports are wrestling, baseball/softball and squash.  It is interesting to note they should choose wrestling since the Olympic Committee had recently removed it from being an Olympic sport.  The wrestling community was outraged and perhaps the Olympic Committee is finding ways to make amends.  The final vote will be done in Buenos Aires in September.

There are three cities being considered for the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul.  What city is chosen will ultimately determine baseball/softball’s fate.  At this point wrestling would have to be the clear favorite.  If Tokyo is chosen for the 2020 Olympics baseball/softball would draw larger crowds, unless they changed the name of wrestling to sumo.  If the two other cities are chosen to host the Olympics in 2020 baseball/softball doesn’t stand much of a chance of being selected, though Spain did quite well in qualifying for the World Baseball Classic this year in baseball.

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