Japan Posting News

Hiroki Sanada - Interesting strategy to post a player that they appear to have no plans on keeping.  Many of the NPB teams lost money this year and the Bay Stars are in the process of going through a complete team sponsorship change.  His 4.22 ERA was worst than last year’s 3.88 in a year when most pitchers ERA should have gone down in this year of the pitcher.  Hiroki’s 66 hits and 18 strikeouts in just 49 innings pitched means a lot of contact is made and the balls are not being caught.  This is like fishing - Sanada is the bait.  If a major league team bites they get a little extra cash.  If a major league team does not bite Sanada becomes a free agent and they lose nothing.

Hiroyuki Nakajima - Nakajima was voted a gold glove.  While his offensive numbers were down a little bit, this was a year when most hitters offensive numbers were down.  The big difference between him and Nishioka, who the Twins signed last year is that Nakajima has more power.  He’s hit in the double digits in homeruns for over eight years in a row.  He also does not appear to be as injury prone, playing in 144 games two of the last three seasons.  One of the concerns with Nishioka were the injuries he had incurred during the season that caused him to miss games.

Norichika Aoki - He also was voted a gold glove.  Last year the Swallows had moved him from centerfield because they were not happy with his defense.  Perhaps that was a wake up call.  His offensive numbers dropped quite a bit more than Nakajima and he is no longer the stolen base threat that he once was. His power numbers dropped significantly from last year as he went from 44 doubles to 18 and 14 homeruns to four. So myworld doesn’t know if the improved defense makes up for the drop in offense, but it will be interesting to see what major league teams post for his services.  In years past the Swallows would not make him available. Now that they perceive an overall decline in his skills they may not have anything to lose by posting him.

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