Top Ten After Ten - Athletics

The book Moneyball would soon be published.  The 2002 draft was the first for new general manager Billy Beane.  There was not a lot of success from the players selected in his first draft or other drafts after that.

1. Rich Harden RHP - He was drafted in the 17th round in 2000, prior to Billy Beane taking over.  He had some decent years with the Athletics and other teams, but the only year he could reach over 30 starts was in 2004.  Injuries have prevented him from pitching since 2011.

2, John Rheinecker LHP - A first round pick in 2001 John had two ineffective major league seasons with the Texas Rangers in 2006 and 2007 where his ERA was over 5.00.  He had arthoscopic shoulder surgery in 2008 ending his career.

3. Bobby Crosby SS - Another 2001 first round pick who appeared to be the franchise shortstop of the future for the A’s.  In 2004 and 2008 he had 600 plate appearances.  Injuries prevented him from having complete seasons in the other years.  He never came close to matching his 22 homerun rookie season, never reaching double figures in any of the years after that.

4. Jeremy Brown C - A first round pick of the Athletics in 2002 that no other team would have selected in the first round, but Beane played by a different book.  He got 11 major league plate appearances in 2006, hitting .300.  That was the extent of his major league production.

5. Mike Wood RHP - Mike was part of the three team Carlos Beltran trade in 2004.  He pitched five years in the major leagues with his best ERA sitting at 4.46.  When his 2007 season ended he signed to pitch in Japan for the Yokahama Bay Stars for one year.

6. Joe Valentine RHP - The Athletics traded him to the Reds for Jose Guillen where he had a career 6.70 ERA.  He attempted to go to Japan to pitch for the Chunichi Dragons but never got past the minor leagues (ni-gun).

7. Marcus McBeth OF - He started out as a toolsy outfielder but was converted to a pitcher in 2006 when it was found he could not hit.  He did appear in 23 games in ineffective relief in 2007 for the Reds.

8. Freddy Bynum SS - He played a few abbreviated years as a utility player in the major leagues with a career average of .234.  He played one year for the Orix Buffaloes in 2010 but returned to the United States for the 2011 season signing with the Cardinals but never returning to the majors.

9. Joe Blanton RHP - A Beane first round pick in the 2002 draft he’s had a 10 year major league career, but not meeting the expectations of a number one pick (4.52 career ERA).

10. Ben Fritz RHP - Another Beane first round 2002 pick, Ben never saw any major league time.

Other prospects who had a major league impact.

11. Nick Swisher OF - Nick Swisher was the best of the Beane number one picks in 2002, selected as the 16th player in the draft.  He’s had a nice ten year major league career, with one All Star appearance and six post season appearances.  Nick has 224 major league homeruns.

15. Mark Teahen 3B - Mark was the seventh and last number one pick in the 2002 draft, compensation for losing free agents Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi and Jason Isringhausen.  The Athletics traded him to the Royals before he could make a major league impact for the Athletics.  He never showed the power expected from a corner infielder, slugging just .409 in his seven year major league career.

16. Esteban German 2B - Esteban had a 10 year career as a utility player in the major leagues.  He went to Japan for the 2012 season where he currently plays for the Seibu Lions.

19. Dan Johnson 1B - Not much of a major league career, but his claim to fame is a pinch hit homerun to put the Rays in the playoffs in 2011.  He played one season in Japan for the Yokohama Bay Stars but had the same lack of success as he had with the major leagues.       

2003 draft choices who made a significant impact in the major leagues.

They had three number one picks in 2003 failing with Brad Sullivan and Brian Snyder but getting limited success with Omar Quintanilla.  Their number two pick Andre Ethier was their most successful pick but they gave up on him too early trading him for the multi tooled but highly volatile Milton Bradley and talented but flawed Antonio Perez.  Ethier has had a couple All star seasons but his inability to hit lefthanders (.237) has made him a platoon player.  No other player made a major league impact. 

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