The Norfolk Bump in the Road (cont - 5)

“What happened out there?” Larvell tried his best not to scream into the phone at Kevin but his anger was high from all the media requests he was getting concerning Jason’s short outing in his first start at Norfolk. Everyone wanted an answer Larvell did not have. He had hoped Kevin could give him an answer Moose could not give. “Jason isn’t hurt is he?” He tried to discipline himself to keep his voice calm.

“Physically he’s fine. Like we talked about earlier he appears to be going through some emotional issues.” Kevin purposefully left out the details of his emotional issues. He assumed Larvell would attribute these emotional issues to the breakup with his girlfriend.

Hearing that made Larvell’s temper erupt into a volcanic cataclysm. All his nerf baseballs lay scattered on the floor, testament to his will to try to salve his anger. Not one was within his reach. Perhaps he should have picked them up again before calling Kevin, giving the foam orbs another round of bouncing off the walls to control his temper.

He had already called Moose to try to find out what had happened. Moose had already spoken to the manager. “Kevin told the manager before he threw a pitch to be prepared to take him out of the game. His pitches were all over the place and his fastball was only in the low 90s.”

Larvell asked the same question he was now asking Kevin. “Is he hurt?”

“Kevin says his arm is fine. It’s his head that’s in a different world right now.”

That response did not satisfy Larvell. The nerf balls went flying. He didn’t promote Jason to AAA to see him fail in his first appearance over emotional issues. Not with the visit of the China Premier a little more than a month away.

His email had already shown 245 messages within a forty minute time frame after the game had ended concerning the short outing last night. Rigo had even sent him a video showing Jason walking dejectedly off the mound to the screams of “Over rated” and “You want to watch some porn” by a bunch of shirtless teenagers who probably didn’t know the difference between a fastball and a change. The video also showed a picture of a twelve year old Asian girl fighting back tears as she watched Jason walk off the mound. A scan of the crowd gave looks of sadness as if they had just witnessed the Hindenburg explode overhead and the carnage was now lying on the field. The Chinese who had brought their flags to wave in celebration were now lying lifeless at half-mast by their side.

“Emotional issues?” Larvell had to restrain his voice again from rising too loud. “Those have not gotten resolved yet? How long does it take for him to get over a girl?”

Kevin had hesitated answering the phone when he saw it was Larvell on the other end. He didn’t know if he was prepared to answer his questions now. Not until he had a long talk with Jason. When he heard the anger spew from Larvell’s voice from the other end of the phone he regretted answering the call. “She broke up with him today. So that put him through a loop. The only injury he has that I’m aware of is to his head. Give him a couple days and he should be fine. If not, bring in one of these shrinks who try to extract the bad karma from a player’s head. I don’t know what else to say.”

That last comment was meant to bring out some humor to their conversation. It did not. For Kevin there was no certainty how quickly Jason would recover from the purge the voices in his head had disclosed to him. Perhaps Jason was not disclosing all the voices were telling him. Perhaps the voices had told him he would not survive this purge.

“Well we don’t have a lot of time here,” Larvell said, the volume in his voice dropping another decibel as he tried to keep a calm state. “I have to make a decision soon on whether he is mentally capable of pitching in the major leagues. Right now he isn’t. Do the best you can to fix it.”

“I haven’t had the chance yet to talk to Jason. He walked back to the apartment before the game ended. He’s been in his room since I got here.”

“The last time he boarded himself in his room he ran away to China. Are you sure he’s in there?” The decibel level in Larvell’s voice began to rise again.

“He’s in his room. His door is closed. If he’s not in his room there is a large rat making a lot of noise in there. He needs some time to himself right now. He can’t bury himself in his room forever. Eventually, he will have to come out. There is no window he can crawl out of like in Florida. He would have to make a hole in the wall to leave his room without me noticing it.”

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