KBO Reaches 6 Million Fans

Attendance is down in the KBO but they did reach 6 million fans.  Only the surprising LG Twins saw an increase in attendance when compared to last year.  The big drop was the disappointing Lotte Giants, who led the KBO in attendance last year with over 1.2 million fans but couldn’t come close to the 2 million mark this year, reaching only 700,000 plus. 

The KBO might not have met the 6 million mark if not for the 400,000 plus drawn by the expansion team NC Dinos.  Many of the owners against expansion feared that more teams would dilute the talent level resulting in a decrease in attendance.  Myworld thinks the KBO dropped the ball with their promotions.  After the retirement of Chan Ho Park and the movement of Hyun-Jin Ryu to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the major leagues, most of the baseball stories were focused on the results of Ryu and fellow Korean Shin-Soo Choo in the major leagues than the results in the KBO.

You can see the attendance figures here: http://www.mykbo.net/KBO_news   

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