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Shu was already excited when she answered the phone. Kevin wondered if she had already been told about his promotion. That would seem a little too quick. “You seem pretty happy. Jasmine isn’t walking already? Or did she say her first complete sentence?”

“You mean you not know?”

“Not know about what?” Kevin still couldn’t believe Shu would have heard about his promotion before him.

“The dinner invitation.”

“That’s nice. I hope it is for after the season ends.” Kevin couldn’t understand why Shu would be so excited over a dinner invitation. Maybe he needed to take her out more.

“It in September. Your season usually over by September?”

“Usually. Perhaps not this year.” He paused for effect. “Shu. I got promoted to the major leagues.”

He heard the shriek from the other end of the phone. He only wished he could be there to watch Shu bounce up and down. This was the first time he had witnessed her getting excited about major league baseball. “Oh – I so happy for you. You always be talking about that since I meet you.” He could sense she was starting to well up in tears. It was causing him to stream more tears. “Does that mean you play in September?”

“I don’t know if I’ll be playing, but I’ll be on the team. Jason got promoted too. So when he is pitching I may be catching for him.”

“That so exciting. You and Jason in major league. Together. It look like he also got same dinner invitation.”

Back to that dinner invitation. Why was she so focused on a dinner invitation? “We may not be able to make that dinner.”

“I think your team make exception.” Shu seemed to have a strange sense of confidence in her voice.

“Unless it is from the President of the United States I don’t think the Orioles will allow us to skip a game to attend a dinner. So unless we have an off day or a day game and are in town-“

Before he could finish she interrupted him with, “It is.”

“It is what?”

“An invitation for dinner with President of United States. We cordially invited to dinner with the President of the United States as he welcomes Chinese Premier Li Jiabo.” She was reading from the invitation and stumbled over the word cordially. “Jason got same letter but I not open it.”

“Shu, are you being serious?” Shu never joked like this. If she was pulling a prank she was doing a pretty good job.

“Serious. It look pretty official to me. It black tie, so you need tux. I also need to find something more formal to wear than what in closet.”

Kevin hated formal dress. “You’d look good in a garbage bag. Wow. Dinner with the President. I thought my promotion was pretty big stuff but dinner with the President? That is icing on the cake.”

“It never bad thing to have lots of good things happen to you.”

“I guess you’re right. I thought marrying you was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

“It still best thing?”

It was a loaded question. Kevin didn’t know if she was being serious. Larvell would know how to answer that question, regardless of the truth, but for Kevin honesty was important. Shu could read him if he was not being honest. “It still is. But you have to admit, getting a promotion to the major leagues and getting an invitation to have dinner with the President on the same day is a pretty close second.”

“What about Jasmine?”

“Shu! Why do you have to make things so complicated? Let’s just say it’s in the top five behind our marriage, the birth of Jasmine and anything else I may be forgetting.” She seemed satisfied with that response.

When Kevin told Jason about the invitation to have dinner with the President Jason’s response was “I thought you not know the President.”

“I don’t.”

“Why he invite you to din-ah?”

“He invited you too.”

“I not know the President.”

“My point exactly. Neither of us knows the President but he is inviting both of us for dinner with the Premier of China. I think you have more to do with this dinner invitation than I.”

Jason went into deep thought for a second. “Now you have to buy lottery ticket.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“That is what you tell me when we first drive to Va-gin-ya. You said the odds of you meeting the President are about as great as winning the lottery.”

“Jason. You are my lottery ticket.”

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