Japanese Draft Completed

Right before the Japan series the Japanese professional baseball league held their amateur draft.  The drafts go between five to nine rounds, depending how many players the teams want to select.  The Hiroshima Carp only selected five players while the Rakuten Golden Eagles grabbed nine players.  You can review the selection of Pacific League teams here:  http://yakyubaka.com/2013/10/24/2013-draft-results-team-pacific-league/ and the Central League teams here: http://yakyubaka.com/2013/10/25/2013-draft-results-team-central-league/

Yuki Matsui was the most popular player selected.  In the first round of the Japanese draft each team submits the name of a player it wants to draft.  If more than one team selects the same player a lottery system is used to award a team the winning player.  Sometimes the best strategy is to pick the second or third best player because you may have a better shot of getting that player.  If after all the selections are made and the lottery picks completed and you did not get the player you selected in the first round you are given another opportunity to pick from among those remaining players not already awarded to a team.  As the team with the worst record you man end up with the eighth pick becuase you were not awarded the top pick you selected.

Five teams selected lefthanded pitcher Yuki Matsui for the first round.  The Rakuten Eagles were awarded the player.  Righthanded pitcher Daichi Osera was the second most requested player.  Three teams named him as their first round pick.  The Hiroshima Carp were awarded with the selection.

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