No Surprise - Tanaka Wins the Sawamura Award

Masahiro Tanaka was unanimously selected for the Sawamura award.  That is the equivalent to the Cy Young award, though the Sawamura Award is eight years older than the Cy Young.  In order to qualify for the award you have to meet seven different criteria.  Tanaka fell short in one of the criteria which state you need ten complete games to be eligible.  Tanaka only had eight complete games.  Only one Japanese pitcher qualified to meet all the criteria.  This is the second time Tanaka has won the award.  He won it in 2011.

Hideo Nomo (1990), Koji Uehara (1999, 2002)), Daisuke Matsuzaka (2001), Yu Darvish (2007) and Hisashi Iwakuma (2008) are all some of the Japanese pitchers who won the Sawamura Award that later pitched in the major leagues.

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