Camden Debut (cont - 10)

When the bullpen warm-ups were complete a security employee opened up the gates. The loudspeaker played a song they had not heard since spring training. Hell’s Bells by AC/DC. They didn’t play the song at the minor league parks. The atmosphere for starting pitchers was not the same and the sound systems were inferior. Because the game was being played in the day it also lacked the dry ice smoking effect and was missing any spot light shining on them as they walked out onto the field, coming in from the centerfield area. The beginning of the first gong of the bells preceding the song still got a roar from the crowd.

The first “Gong” blasted from the loud speakers as they walked out of the bullpen gate. The crowd erupted in cheer as they noticed Jason and the Warrior step out of the bullpen gates with Terry Battier their pitching coach walking between them. Since it was a day game there were no lights to shut off.

“Gong” echoed the loud ring of the second bell. “Gong” shouted the ring of the third bell. Jason looked at Kevin. They both smiled as the guitar began wailing after the ring of the fourth bell. The fans in the stands appeared wilder than any drunken students at a frat party. And these fans probably were not even drunk. It was getting crazy at Camden Yards.

“Now this is a major league sound system” Kevin said to Jason who only smiled as he drank in the enthusiasm.

Jason had a towel wrapped around his neck. His head started bouncing to the drum beat. One of the coaches came frantically running towards them. He looked like he had just seen his mother have sex with another man that was not his father. The music was still playing. Terry saw this horrific look on the coach’s face. “What’s up?” Terry greeted him, alarmed by the ashen look on his face. “You didn’t rub Ben Gay on your balls again.”

“Bones screwed up. He forgot to move Lee to the DH spot when he put Kevin in at catcher. So Taco presented the umpires a lineup card with two catchers and no DH. Jason has to bat.”

“Crap,” Terry hollered. “That is not what we need.” Terry looked over at Jason. “How’s your swing?”

Jason looked confused. He looked over at Kevin. Kevin was confused. The music was now an echo in the background.

“What’s going on?” Kevin finally asked.

“It appears when we made a last second switch to the lineup card, we forgot to put in a DH. We have two catchers listed on the lineup card presented to the umpires and no DH. So we have lost our DH spot. You’re still catching, but Jason has to bat where the other catcher is listed.”

Kevin repeated to Jason in Mandarin what Terry had said. “You know he’s never picked up a bat in his life?”

“Tough way to learn.”


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