Exit Velocities

The big thing to track is the exit velocities a hitter sends a pitch after the bat makes contact with the ball.  In the AFL they tracked the velocity of the batted ball and found that balls hit off the bat traveling at a velocity of less than 80 miles per hour resulted in a batting average of .242.  Balls that traveled off the bat at over 110 miles per hour had a batting average of .751.

Stephen Souza had the hardest hit ball, rifling it back in fair territory at 115 miles per hour for a double.  Jared Mitchell and Angel Villalona each had two hit balls in the top ten.  Angel had a single and a foul ball while Jared roped a single and a homerun.

You can see the partial list of the results here: http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/afl-trackman-leaderboards/    

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