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The celebration in the locker room continued. They had beaten the Yankees. After fifteen attempts the struggle had ended. It was Woo and the Warrior who had given them this victory. If there was champagne in the locker room it would be spraying against the walls and the naked bodies of the players in the locker room. As it was, they only had beer and Gatorade and they were pouring it over each other.

The booming voice of Moose could be heard as he entered the locker room. He got his bald chrome doused in beer. His stern look showed he wasn’t pleased with the action as the beer dripped onto his shirt. “Where’s Woo and the Warrior. They need to be in the press room in five minutes.” He spotted them surrounded by half naked celebratory teammates. “Woo. Warrior. Press room. Five minutes.” He grabbed a towel and tried to sponge the beer off his wet shirt.

Kevin and Jason rushed to put on some clothes. They were already half out of their uniforms. No reason to be putting them back on now. The fabric from their uniforms both reeked of beer. Kevin borrowed some of Jason’s cologne to splash over him.

Shu was waiting for Kevin as he entered the room. She gave him a stern look. When he approached he noticed the fury in her eyes. “What I tell you about getting out of way?” she growled at him.

Kevin did not want to tell her that Victor never touched him. He saw this flash of light and just before Victor made contact a pair of hands seemed to push Kevin away. At least, that is what it felt like. It was not like the other collision where he missed a week with a concussion. “Sorry. It is just an instinct. I’ll do better next time.” It was not the right time to tell Shu. He was also a bit confused. If someone really did push him who would it have been. He remembered Jason telling him the voices would protect him the next time before he got hit. Did that mean the thunder and flash of light just after he caught the ball was the voices making their appearance to push Kevin away before Victor leveled him? And what about the smoke coming from the arms of Victor? It reminded Kevin of the mound after Wreckit tried to attack Jason and a flash coincided with his tackle, leaving the grass around the mound smoldering with smoke.

Before Shu could respond and Kevin could piece together an explanation a voice from behind Shu called out her name. Kevin recognized the Asian face addressing Shu as the man who threw out the first pitch at the game today. He had a large contingent of men surrounding him. “Shu Chi. It is an honor to finally meet you.”

Shu turned around to see who was addressing her. Kevin could almost see her jaw drop to the floor. Standing before her was the Premier of China Li Jiabao. Behind Li Jiabao was the President of the United States. Next to the President was Kathy Li. Both Kathy and the President seemed very engaged in conversation with each other. They seemed lost in the eyes of each other, oblivious to the large group surrounding them. “It is good to see you again Warrior?” The China Premier went over and shook the hand of Kevin. “Sorry I bounced it to you at the plate. Still need to work on my fastball. I hope you two plan to be at the dinner tonight.”

Kevin was waiting for Shu to speak. It took a while for the words to escape from her mouth. “It will be an honor for us to attend.” Her voice cracked in Mandarin as she looked at Kevin for some support. She was obviously a bit flustered. Going from anger to awe in the snap of a finger was a bit difficult for her. Kevin was also in awe. He never thought he would be standing before the President of the United States even though the President’s interest was more in Kathy Li than it was in him.

He looked over at Kathy Li who was laughing with the President. Her eyes made contact with Kevin. She gave him a knowing wink. Kevin wondered if he should tell someone at the Secret Service of her reputation. Any viable background check should have revealed that. He would hate to see his President in a sex video tape. The President appeared to be caught in her trap, the Secret Service oblivious to their flirtations.

At that point President O’Shea left Kathy’s company to come up to Kevin. “How are you doing Mr. Beamer? Ms. Beamer.” He formally shook both their hands as the photographers took massive amounts of photos. A plastic smile captured his face as he stared into the flashing cameras. The room was lighting up with a hundred flashing bulbs. Shu straightened her posture, took her hand to her hair to put it in place. Half the photos were with their eyes closed as they blinked with the flashing bulbs.

“Mr. Woo. You had your A game on today.” Li Jiabao went over to Jason to shake his hand. Just as he had done so a young lady in pig tails walked into the room. She was with an older, white, haired bowling ball of a man. Kevin noticed Jason shaking the Premier’s hand but his eyes were not focused on him. They were focused on this young Asian girl with the pig tails who had just walked into the room. More pictures with the Premier and the President standing with Jason Woo, but Jason was in a trance, staring at this Asian girl with the pig tails and not at the cameras. The two most powerful men in the world were standing next to him and he was oblivious to their presence.

When the Premier left his side Jason cried out, “Xeng Xeng?”

She turned her head and looked at Jason. There was a large smile on her face. “Xiang,” she cried out.

She rushed over to him and they hugged. It was a hard, long embrace as they tried to capture more than 15 years of memories their absence had created. Kevin smiled. He noticed Kathy Li was smiling as well. It was not because the President was at her side again, but she had noticed the embrace as well. Jason had found his Xeng Xeng, just like she had promised in the interview.

As Kevin smiled he thought he heard a voice coming from inside his head. He turned to look behind him to see if someone behind him had spoken. There was no one behind him who was addressing him. The voice inside his head seemed to say, “Hello Warrior. My name is Raimel. Some refer to me as the angel of hope, though I claim no ownership to that title. It is time for us to get acquainted. The hour is near. I’ll be speaking to you soon with instructions.”

End of Chapter 37

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