Bribery Attempt in Asian Series reports that an Australian player, backup catcher Matt Blazynski was approached at a bar and offered $30,000 if his team would lose by at least seven runs.  Since Samsung was favored to win the game the gamblers wanted to take advantage of a point spread.  The player notified his coaches who then notified the CPBL.

Australia pulled a shocker by upsetting the Lions and then defeating the Uni-President Lions for the championship.  It is unclear why two people would approach a back up catcher who had yet to play a game for his team with an offer to lose the game by seven runs.  Perhaps these individuals thought this back up catcher would have the most to gain from a bribe.  Or perhaps they would have approached any player at the bar with the offer.  The reality is that it would be difficult for a back up catcher to convince the rest of his team to lose a game by seven runs.  He certainly was not going to be able to influence the events of the game from the bench.

The CPBL has vowed to take a stern approach to any bribery schemes that tarnished the professional game in Taiwan was late in addressing the issue.  It only took an article in an Australian newspaper that forced them to admit that a bribery scheme had happened.  The CPBL assumed the matter had been reported to the police, who when contacted stated they were not investigating any bribery issue with the Asian Series.  It appears the agency responsible for pursuing bribes stumbled in their investigation assuming the Taiwan police had taken on the case. 

Unfortunately, the player could not properly describe the men who had approached him since he was drinking and he did not know the name of the bar.  Without a little more information it would be difficult for any investigation to be pursued.  The Criminal Investigation Bureau has vowed to keep tabs on the local baseball betting rings to see if they were involved in the bribery attempt.

The article that brought the bribery scheme to light is here:

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