Cuban Update

Myworld has not done a Cuban update yet.  There have been some significant changes to some of the teams and they are already 18 games into their season.  Early results show that there is no dominant team.

Matanzas (11-6)

They have a couple players showing early season pop in Ariel Sanchez (.317, 4, 15), Yadiel Hernandez (.345, 3, 17) and Jose Fernandez (.340, 3, 14).  The four homeruns by Sanchez is one behind the league leaders while the 17 RBIs from Hernandez is also one behind the league leader.  Fernandez has an interesting 13/1 walk to whiff ratio in 61 plate appearances.  Dainer Moreira (.361, 0, 4) leads the team and the league in runs scored with 17.  This is the only team with a batting average over .300 (.301).

Pitching has not gotten them to the top spot.  Their 3.68 ERA is at the lower end of the league.  Joel Suarez (4-0, 3.18) has won all his four starts.  So has Yaniel Blanco (4-0, 3.16).  That accounts for eight of the teams 11 wins.  Felix Fuentes (2.70, 2 saves) is normally the closer but Maikel Hidalgo (1-0, 2.38, 3 saves) has one more save. 

Industriales (9-6)

They inherited the Gourriel brothers from the Sancti Spiritus Roosters, which decimated the roster but helped the team playing in Havana.  Yulieski Gourriel (.250, 2, 11) is the big acquisition but he has gotten off to a slow start.  Despite the slow start the 11 RBIs still leads the team.  Stayler Hernandez (.246, 2, 3) tops the team in runs scored with 12 and has stolen three bases in four attempts.  Another slow starter is Alexander Malleta (.234, 1, 5).  He has been walked 13 times.  Juan Torriente (.364) is the only player on the team hitting over .300, but he has only played eight games with just over 20 at bats.

The Leones leads the league in ERA at 2.14.  Frank Monthiet (3-0, 0.00) has yet to allow a run in his three starts covering 17 innings.  The opposition is hitting only .190 against him.  Ian Rendon (1-2, 2.30) appears to lack offensive support.  David Mena (1-0, 1.69) has also pitched well in his three starts.  Another pitcher who has not allowed a run in his two starts is Ramon Pena, but he has only worked nine innings. 

Pinar del Rio (10-7)

Yosvani Peraza (.323, 2, 16) is the big bat in the early season.  Donal Duarte (.316, 0, 9) leads the team in runs scored with 11 and his 16 walks are one behind the league leader.  He also has stolen three bases in three attempts.  Lorenzo Quintana (.228, 0, 6) has been another stolen base threat with five, two behind the league leader, but he needs to get on base more.  William Saavedra (.270, 2, 13) is the other player with double digits in RBIs.

Erlis Casanova (3-1, 0.61) has a .158 opposition batting average in his four starts.  He also has a 9/21 walk to whiff ratio and is third in the league in ERA.  Yosvani Torres (2-1, 2.45) leads the team in whiffs with 22 and has only walked four batters in his 25 plus innings.  Julio Martinez (2-0, 0.83) has been stingy with the runs.  The bullpen job is shared by Isbel Hernandez (0-1, 1.38, 4 saves) and Jesus Guerra (1.17, 3 saves).   

Villa Clara (9-7)

Yulexis La Rosa (.341, 2, 13) leads the team in homeruns and RBIs.  He also has hit three doubles and one triple.  Ramon Lunar (.269, 1, 6) tops the team in runs scored with 11.  He has also walked 12 times.  Yuniet Flores (.275, 0, 1) has five stolen bases in seven attempts.  Andy Zamora (.413, 0, 4) is third in the league in hitting.

The top early starter has been Yasmany Hernandez (2-1, 0.86).  Robelio Carrillo (1.10) is another stingy starter giving up the runs but he has a poor 12/8 walk to whiff ratio.  Only the ace Freddy Alvarez (2-1, 2.25) is not stingy with the strikeouts with a 4/18 walk to whiff ratio.  He has the team’s one complete game.  

Artemisa (10-8)

They are known for their top of the line pitching staff.  Their .237 batting average and .321 slugging is not going to generate a lot of runs.  No player has double digit RBI totals but Michel Rodriguez (.297, 2, 6) and Dayan Garcia (.282, 2, 7) share the team lead in homeruns.  Michel also leads the team in runs scored with 11.  The six doubles from Osmel Fraga (.269, 0, 7) is one behind the league leader.  No player on the team is hitting over .300 even among the reserves.

The pitching staff is what makes this team with their 2.65 ERA.  Jonder Martinez (2-3, 1.89), Miguel Lahara (3-1, 1.98) and Yulieski Gonzalez (2-2, 2.94) are probably the best trio of starters in the league.  Lahera leads the team in strikeouts with 23, only walking six.  He limits the opposition to a .135 average.  Jose Garcia (1.69, six saves) is tied for the league lead in saves.

Isla de la Juventud (10-8)

The team only has three homeruns in their first 18 games.  Luis Castro (.344, 0, 9) and Michel Enriquez (.422, 1, 10) hit doubles instead with both of them sharing the league lead in doubles.  Michel leads the team in RBIs and is second in the league in batting average.  Luis Rivera (.327, 0, 5) has a league leading 17 walks.  Alejandro Ortiz (.333, 0, 4) is the only other player hitting over .300.  His only extra base hits are the two triples.

Wilber Perez (1-1, 7.23) was one of the best pitchers in the league last year, but this year he is having trouble getting hitters out.  the opposition is hitting him at a .311 clip.  The bullpen of Jesus Amador (2-0, 1.53, 1 save) and Raysel Plutin (2-0, 1.84) and Hector Mendoza (3-0, 0.75, 2 saves) account for seven of their ten wins. 

Mayabeque (10-8)

Yoel Mestre (.255, 4, 8) has shown a little pop in his bat.  His four homeruns are one behind the league leader.  He also leads the team in runs scored with 12.  Dennis Laza (.313, 2, 11) and Yasniel Gonzalez (.262, 2, 11) share the RBI lead.  Danger Guerrero (.375, 1, 8) lives up to his name.  His 13 walks are tops on the team.

Ariel Miranda (3-0, 2.84) is their early ace.  He has five starts and his 31 whiffs leads the league.  He has also given up five homeruns.  The closer is Leinier Rodriguez (1-1, 2.53, 6 saves), who accounts for seven of Mayabeque’s 10 wins.  No other pitchers are worth discussing.  

Holquin (9-8)

They are the last team that would fight for the extended season playoff run.  They have struggled as a team since the departure of Aroldis Chapman.  Maikel Caceres (.388, 0, 5) leads the team in hitting and runs scored with 11.  His six doubles are one behind the league leader.  Yordan Manduley (.282, 0, 10) has the team RBI lead.  Yunior Paumier (.273, 2, 9) is the teams most feared hitter.  He has walked 15 times.

Their pitching has been surprisingly good.  Yusmel Velazquez (2-1, 2.13) and Carlos Gonzalez (1-1, 2.31) have been the two aces early in the season.  Pablo Fernandez (3-2, 0.92, 3 saves) is the closer.  The bridge to get to Pablo has been Daikel Labrada (1.93, 1 save) who leads the team in appearances with nine.  

Guantanamo (9-8)

Giorvis Duvergel (.361, 3, 11) has gotten off to a torrid start but their is no hotter hitter than Robert Delgado (.429, 2, 18), who leads the league in RBIs and batting average.  His 16 runs scored are one behind the league leader.  Leonelkis Escalante (.269, 0, 8) has crossed the plate 15 times.  Other players showing friction with the bat are Andres de la Cruz (.404, 1, 7) and Vismay Santos (.326, 2, 8) .  Andres has not gotten enough at bats to be considered for the batting title.  The five doubles hit by Vismay puts his OPS over 1.000.

The pitching A-Rod (1-0, 1.15) has allowed seven unearned runs, so teams are still crossing the plate when he is pitching.  No pitcher has over one win and ERAs are high. 

Ciego de Avila (9-9)

Despite a lack of homeruns and extra base hits Ruben Valdes (.300, 0, 13) leads the team in RBIs.  Osvaldo Vazquez (.260, 3, 8) leads the team in homeruns while Rudeldis Garcia (.351, 2, 8) tops the team in batting average.  Raul Gonzalez (.313, 0, 6) is another player hitting over .300 with a team leading four doubles.

Vladimir Garcia (1-1, 1.29) should have more wins with that ERA.  The opposition is struggling to hit him, bating only .198 and his 26 whiffs leave him fourth in the league.  Osmar Carrero (2-1, 2.20) is another pitcher thriving in the starting rotation.  Yadir Rabi (2-1, 4.50, 2 saves) needs to gain consistency if he wants to remain as a closer.    

Santiago de Cuba (9-9)

Alexei Bell (.344, 3, 10) is starting to show some pop that has been absence the last couple years.  He is one two players on the team with an OPS over 1.000.  Andres Reyna (.378, 2, 6) is the other.  Luis la O Camacho (.295, 0, 4) leads the league in stolen bases with seven.  He has been caught two times.  Reutilio Hurtado (.274, 4, 14) has the team homerun and RBI lead.  He is also tied with Bell for the team lead in runs scored with 10.  Hector Olivera (.333, 0, 4) has had a quiet bat with his three doubles accounting for his only extra base hits. Edilse Silva (.261, 1, 6) is another bat that needs to get hot for the team to advance to the playoff round.  His 22 whiffs are the most in the league by five.

Danny Betancourt (3-1, 0.65) is fourth in the league in ERA.  Edialbert Valentin (0-1, 2.16) is another pitcher having success in the starting rotation.

Las Tunas (7-8)

They have hit only two homeruns.  Danel Castro (.316, 1, 8) and Yosvani Alarcon (.316, 1, 6) have accounted for both of them.  Andres Quiala (.327, 0, 7) leads the team in walks with 11.  Jorge Jhonson (.302, 0, 5) is the only other player on the team with significant at bats to be over .300.  No player on the team has double figures in RBIs or runs scored which translates into the lowest amount of runs scored in the league.

Yoelkis Cruz (3-0, 0.31) is second in the league in ERA.  Erick Sanchez (1-1, 0.90, 1 save) is the set up man for closer Carlos Viera (1-1, 1.35, 4 saves).   

Granma (7-11)

They have the league leader in homeruns and probably the best hitter in Cuba in Alfredo Despaigne (.343, 5, 15).  His numbers benefit from him playing in a small park.  He has walked 16 times and crossed the plate 14 times.  Sharing the homerun lead with Alfredo is Carlos Benitez (.352, 5, 13).  Other big bats on the team include Luis Ferrales (.333, 2, 10) and Guillermo Aviles (.315, 2, 13). 

Lazaro Blanco (0-1, 2.61) is the only starter to keep his ERA below five.  Alain Tamayo (2.70, 3 saves) and Jose Pena (1-4, 7.41, 2 saves) have been sharing the closers load.  For Pena he has given up 4 homeruns in just 17 innings. 

Sancti Spiritus (7-11)

Without the Gourriel brothers this team is a shell of itself.  Their .306 slugging is ahead of only Cienfuegos, who have absences of their own and Las Tunas.  Frederich Cepeda (.213, 1, 6) is their top hitter but his slow start is not helping the offense.  He does lead the team in runs scored with 10.  Livan Monteagudo (.273, 2, 8) is another big bat the Roosters are counting on to make up for the loss in run production.  Orlando Acebey (.304, 0, 5) is the only hitter who qualifies for a batting title to find his average over .300.

Ismel Jimenez (2-3, 2.51) was the top Cuban pitcher in the league last year.  He has a nice 6/23 walk to whiff ratio.  Angel Pena (2-0, 1.42) has only given up three runs in his four starts.  Yoen Socarras (2-1, 2.08) is a third solid starter the Roosters can throw at you.  Carlos Sierra (2.19, 3 saves) is their closer.  He has struck out 16 in 12 innings of work.  Only Jimenez has more strikeouts than Sierra.  

Cienfuegos (6-12)

They lost their big power hitter in Jose Abreu resulting in a team slugging average that has dropped to .296.  They have also lost perhaps the best shortstop in the league in Erisbel Arruebarruena and Yasiel Puig would also be patrolling the outfield.  Johan Moncada (.231, 2, 5) has two of the teams three homeruns.  He has also stolen four bases in six attempts and leads the team in runs scored with 12.  Pedro Marquez (.313, 0, 10) leads the team in RBIs.  He also has three doubles and a league leading four triples.  Pavel Quesada (.295, 0, 7) has coaxed 13 walks.

Noelvis Entenza (1-2, 2.97) and Yasiel Morales (1-1, 2.60) keep the ERA down.  Duniel Ibarra (1-0, 0.00, 2 saves) has lacked save opportunities with his team languishing in the basement.  He has only made four appearances working three innings.  Danny Hernandez (1-1, 2.83) has started two games but made six relief appearances.                              

Camaguey (6-12)

This is not an unusual spot for them, but they played well last year.  Dary Bartolome (.333, 5, 10) shares the league lead in homeruns.  Marino Luis (.385, 0, 10) has crossed the plate a team leading 14 times.  His six doubles are one behind the league leader and he has been successful on four of his five stolen base attempts.  William Luis (.185, 2, 11) is the big RBI bat despite the lack of hits.  Hector Hernandez (.346, 4, 5) has crossed the plate 13 times but his production with RBIs on his homeruns is lacking.  He also has five stolen bases in six attempts.  Osmel Aguila (.317, 0, 9) is another bat worth mentioning.  His 13 runs scored is second on the team.

Vicyohandri Odelin (2-1, 2.88) and Norge Ruiz (2-2, 2.38) have won four of the six games the team has won.  Norge is third in the league in strikeouts.  Yormani Socarras (0-1, 0,00, 2 saves) has still not allowed a run in five appearances in the closer role.  Dariel Gongora (2.70) has worked well in a setup role.   

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