Arrival in Daytona Beach

Myworld has arrived in Daytona Beach a day before the Daytona 500 race, this after a two week tour of Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.  There was no time to stop by a café to sign onto the internet so myworld died for a couple weeks.  We will be back in action with postings February 26.

After reading email, catching up with the news that I missed and pay the bills that were sitting for the last two weeks. my world will continue our analysis of each major league team, prepare our top ten prospects from each area of the world, beginning with Europe, and rank the top 100 prospects in baseball.  We will also be back in Florida on March 1 to report on spring training games.

So myworld continues to live.  It’s contributor had to spend two weeks doing our own kind of living.  We will also report on some of our travel findings.

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