Dodgers Sign Cuban Arruebarruena

The Dodgers signed the teammate of Jose Abreu, Erisbel Arruebarruena to a contract while myworld was travelling the Caribbean.  Without those two players the Cienfuegos Elephants finished at the basement of the Cuban league.  With them the Elephants were always at the top of the division.  These two players will be solid additions for their major league team, Abreu hitting for power for the White Sox and Erisbel providing stellar defense for the Dodgers.

Interesting to note the Dodgers signed the backup shortstop for Erisbel when the national team was formed, Alexander Guerrero, and are planning to move Guerrero to second base.  Guerrero at this point has a better bat than Erisbel, but his glove does not come close to matching that of Erisbel.  Cuba has always valued defense when putting the national team together.  Erisbel has a superior glove and could be playing shortstop for the Dodgers by mid season when they tire of Hanley Ramirez lack of hustle and range at short.

Erisbel was a consistent .300 hitter in the Cuban leagues, but he was still a bottom of the order hitter.  When the college national team played the Cuban national team this year Erisbel struggled with the bat.  He was often pinch hit for in the later innings.  The Dodgers will need to work with him on his ability to recognize pitchers and his approach at the plate or he will become another Jose Gonzalez.

He has good physical characteristics, listed at between 6 - 6′2″ and 190-195 pounds.  If someone can teach him the fundamentals myworld believes he can hit double digits in homeruns and bat around .270 once he gains some maturity and physical strength.  He is only 23 so he will have time to grow with the Dodgers.  He doesn’t run particularly well but he still covers a lot of ground at short and has a tremendous arm.  He will need to hit if he wants to start for the Dodgers.

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