France to Visit Arizona for Spring Training

The French national team coached by Eric Gagne will be going to Arizona for a week to participate in a week in spring training.  While there they will play some games against major league clubs, more than likely “B” games against the Dodgers, Padres, Mariners and White Sox.  They will also play a couple of colleges.

The practices will begin March 4 and last until March 12.  The schedule can be found at but for those who do not want to click on the link it is listed below:

  • March the 4th: training
  • March the 5th: Los Angeles Dodgers VS France
  • March the 6th: San Diego Padres VS France
  • March the 7th: training
  • March the 8th: San Diego Padres VS France
  • March the 9th: Seattle Mariners VS France
  • March the 10th: Chicago White Sox VS France
  • March the 11th: Paradise Valley Community College VS France
  • March the 12th: Seminole State College VS France
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