2014 Under 15 Countries Announced

Fourteen of the sixteen teams to compete in the under 15 tournament to be played in Mexico in 2014 have been announced.  The remaining two teams will be decided after a under 15 tournament in New Zealand to determine which of the two between Guam, Australia and New Zealand will advance.

The fourteen known teams are: South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Lithuania.

For many of the teams in the Americas, these games are important because many major league scouts will be there to see how these prospects perform in games.  It is one thing to show impressive tools in camps.  It is another thing to show how you can use these tools in a real environment.  Too many players are signed for their ability to smash batting practice fastballs a long way or rifle a throw from right field.  These exercises do not give any information on a players ability to play the game.  They will get that chance in Mexico.

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