Foreign Players in the CPBL - Taiwan

The number of foreign players allowed on the roster is four, but only three are eligible to be listed on the playing roster.  Because the monthly salary for a foreign player is between $5-12 thousand per month they will not attract major league quality players.  Manny Ramirez played in the league last year for the EDA Rhinos and Nelson Figueroa is listed as a coach as well as a player.

Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions - Nelson Figueroa (RHP)

Brothers Elephants - Hiroki Sanada (RHP), Mike Ballard (LHP), Brad Thomas (LHP)

La Migo Monkeys - Mike Loree (RHP), Rommie Lewis (LHP), Sandy Madera (1B)

EDA Rhinos - Nicholas Alvin Green (RHP), Matt Torra (RHP), Juan Bautista Morillo (RHP)

There appear to be a number of openings for foreign players.  Myworld is surprised the CPBL is not taking advantage of the excitement the additional foreign signings has created in the Korean League, or the excitement Manny Ramirez brought to the league after his signing last year.

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