Surprise - Your Great Uncle Brought Baseball to Japan

A fun story about a family who received Japanese visitors who told them their great-great-great uncle Horace Wilson is revered in Japan because he had brought baseball to that country.  At the time, this family did not really know Horace Wilson had done anything of note.  Now they have a fun story to tell their friends.  The Japanese visitors invited them to Japan where they helped throw out the first pitch at the high school championship game played in Koshien in 2001.  They have a little more appreciation of their great-great-great uncle now.  You can read the story about their experience here:

I like to tell the story of my uncle, who invented a product used by most people.  I can remember my grandmother, who had a lifetime supply of the stuff stacked in cartons in her garage, with many of the cans rupturing inside with the liquid bleeding into the cartons.  The product my uncle invented is WD-40.  He never got rich or famous as a result of this invention.  Just $20,000 because he knew he could invent something better.  He also was responsible for the recovery of the vessel the ‘Vasa” which my brother and I marveled at when we were in Stockholm, Sweden for a volleyball tournament.  While we were there we had no idea he was instrumental in its recovery.  We just thought it was a pretty cool boat.

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