Baseball Returns to Montreal for Two Game Exhibition Series

Attendance was good in the two game exhibition series between the Mets and Blue Jays.  There were 46,121 to enjoy the opener, supporting Canada’s only team.  They enjoyed it so much 50,229 fans showed up for the second game.

They honored Gary Carter, who got his start with the Montreal Expos, became a playoff hero with the Mets and finished his playing career as an Expo.  They also honored the 1994 team, which may have won the World Series if not for the baseball strike.  If no baseball strike Montreal may have made the playoffs, they would still be drawing a crowd and the discussion may have been who between Tampa Bay and Oakland would be moving to D.C.

They played in Olympic Stadium.  After all these years the ballpark still looked good, kind of like Christie Brinkley still looking good in a bathing suit after all the years that have passed since she was the cover girl of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  There is a group that hopes to get baseball back in Montreal.  The only thing they lack is some big pockets to invest in a team.  If the Washington, D.C. area could not support a team for all the poor years they had that created the sparse attendance but were still able to get a third franchise, the Montreal Expos should deserve another opportunity.

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