The Raid 2 Hitting Prospect

Myworld was at the movies to watch the martial arts blood and guts Indonesian movie Raid 2.  The basic premise of the movie tells the tale of an Indonesian police officer who must go undercover to infiltrate a crime syndicate.  To do that he must spend a couple months, which turn out to be two years in prison to befriend the son of the boss of a crime syndicate, who is also serving time in prison.  One of the heads of a rival crime syndicate is responsible for killing the brother of this undercover cop.

One of the characters in the movie is a girl whose weapon of destruction are two hammers.  By the time she is through slicing up her foes her white dress is painted red.  Another character drags a baseball bat along the ground with a couple baseballs in the pockets of his hoodie.  He swings the bat pretty well in the martial arts fight scenes.  When the combatants are too far for him to strike with a bat, he takes a baseball from his hoodie pocket, throws it in the air to strike it with the bat, sending the ball towards the head of his target.  It usually results in a knock out.  If not and he asks for his ball back it is not a good idea not to return it, though I would suspect the consequences would be the same.

The movie is filmed in Indonesia where baseball is not that popular a sport, yet someone got pretty good with the bat.  Many a scout stumbling upon a rumble in Indonesia would have been intrigued by how quickly this character got the bat through the zone.  Lots of interesting scenery, but a little too violent for the weak of heart.

The way the movie ended a Raid 3 movies is on the horizon.

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