Twins 2014 Domestic Draft Team

Myworld is taking a look at all the major league teams to see what kind of 25-man roster they could field if they only relied on the players selected from the domestic draft and nothing else to stock their team.  Only current major leaguers are considered for the 25 man roster.  Realistically, some players would extend their career because without foreign players a job could still be available and others who never were called up could fill the empty positions.  The Twins lack quality pitching, both in the rotation and the bullpen.  They also have not had a player reach the major leagues since after the 2009 draft.

Catcher - A couple of good catchers to stock the position in Joe Mauer (2001 - first round) and A.J. Pierzynski (1994 - third round).  They need somebody to replace those two in a year or two.

First Base - Justin Morneau (1999 - third round) would be the starter with Adam Lind (2002 - 8th round not signed) rotating between the designated hitter spot and first base.  Another unsigned player Yonder Alonso (2005 - 16th round) would be battling for playing time here.

Second base - Brian Dozier (2009 - 6th round) is a solid player and the last Twins player drafted to make the major leagues.  Kolton Wong (2008 - 16th round) was never signed but he could play second and move Dozier to short.

Shortstop - This position is empty, though Nick Punto (1997, 33rd round) could play here in a crunch.  He was not signed by the Twins after being drafted.  Nick would also play an excellent utility role.

Third Base - Trevor Plouffe (2004 - first round) would provide the power while Danny Valencia (2006 - 19th round) would hit for average.

Outfield - Lots of power hitters to move here for the corners and rangy fielders for centerfield.  Denard Span (2002 - first round) would slide into center field.  The corners would be occupied by Michael Cuddyer (1997 - first round) and Torrii Hunter (1993 - first round).  Waiting for playing time would be Jason Kubel (2000 - 12th round) and two centerfielders in Ben Revere (2007 - first round) and Aaron Hicks (2008 - first round).  He was not signed but George Springer (2008 - 48th round) would be knocking on the door.

Starting pitching - Matt Garza (2005 - first round) would be the ace.  The remaining four positions would be filled by suspects Nick Blackburn (2001 - 29th round) and Anthony Swarzak (2004 - second round) and two unsigned players Paul Maholm (2000 - 17th round) and Jason Vargas (2001 - 43rd round).

Relief Pitching - If he was healthy Jessie Crain (2002 - second round) would be the closer.  Glenn Perkins (2004 - second round) is the second option.  J.J. Putz (1997 - 17th round) was never signed but he could also close.  Rounding out the pen would be J.C. Romero (1997 - 21st round), Pat Neshek (2002 - 6th round) and Evan Meek (2002 - 11th round).

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