Highest Paid Sports Athletes in China

None of them play baseball but it will give you an idea of what the more popular sports are in China and what these athletes are getting paid in a communist society.  You can go to the article here: http://www.chinasportsbeat.com/2014/04/highest-paid-chinese-athletes-in-2013.html  Below are the earnings for 2013.

1. Li Na (tennis) - $20 million, 2. Lin Dan (badminton) - $4.8 million, 3. Sun Yang (swimming) - $3.5 million, 4. Zheng Zhi (soccer) - $3 million, 5. Feng Xiaoting (soccer) - $2.6 million, 6. Peng Shuai (tennis) - $2.4 million, 7. Yi Jianlian (Basketball) - $2.4 million, 8. Zeng Cheng (soccer) - $2.4 million, 9. Huang Bowen (soccer) - $2.4 million, 10. Gao Lin (soccer) - $2.4 million.

It appears soccer is the sport that has the most earnings, unless you are a female and the game for you is tennis.  All the athletes are male except the two tennis players.  None of them make more than the top paid baseball players.

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