Abreu Sets Rookie Homerun and RBI Record

Jose Abreu broke the record for RBIs by a rookie in the month of April.  He has 31 RBIs, breaking the record that had been held by Albert Pujols who had 27 in 2001.  The month still has a couple days left.

Abreu had already broken the record for homeruns for a rookie in the month of April (or before May) with his eighth and ninth on Friday.  The previous record holders were Albert Pujols, Carlos Delgado and Kent Hrbek.  He hit another homerun Sunday to make that ten and leads the American league in homeruns.

Jose is finding that this game they call the major leagues is not too difficult.  All the scouts who showed caution with Abreu because they did not believe he could hit an inside fastball should take another look at their notes.  Or the pitchers should start feeding him those inside fastballs.  He is certainly feasting on the stuff they are throwing him now.

Masahiro Tanaka is also carving up major league hitters.  He has yet to lose a game, but the anemic Yankee offense is preventing him from winning more games.  Tanaka is 3-0 with a 2.15 ERA striking out 35 major leaguers in 29 innings.  He has not lost a regular season game since 2012.

If these two players continue to shine it will be interesting to see who wins the American League rookie of the year award.

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