Tigers 2014 Domestic Draft Team

Myworld is taking a look at all the major league teams to see what kind of 25-man roster they could field if they only relied on the players selected from the domestic draft and nothing else to stock their team. Only current major leaguers are considered for the 25 man roster. Realistically, some players would extend their career because without foreign players a job could still be available and others who never were called up could fill the empty positions.  The Tigers have had a couple big name first rounders who have failed to live up to their potential.  They have to hope Nick Castellanos is not added to that list.  At least they were able to trade Cameron Maybin for Miguel Cabrera among this list of drafted players.

Catcher - Alex Avila (2008 - 5th) had an All Star season in 2011 but his average has dropped each year after that.  He would still take the starters job over youngsters Rob Brantley (2010 - third round) and Bryan Holaday, both of whom have yet to win a starting catching position.

First Base - The Tigers have been happy with Miguel Cabrera and have had no need to seek out a first baseman.  Andy Dirks (2008 - 8th) has been out with a back problem but he would be the best fit here among a surplus of outfielders.

Second Base - Scott Sizemore (2006 - 5th round) would share this position with Ryan Raburn (2001 - 5th round) who could also move to the outfield.  Scott could provide the defense while Raburn could hope to provide some inconsistent offense.

Third Base - The rookie Nick Castellanos (2010 - 1st round supplemental) would take over this position, but then the Tigers really had no one to play here prior to Nick.

Shortstop - The Tigers do not like playing Danny Worth (2007 - 2nd round) or Don Kelly (2001 - 8th round) here, but like this year’s Tigers these are the only two shortstops they have drafted who have played in the major leagues.  They are their only alternatives, and a poor one at that.

Outfield - Cameron Maybin (2005 - 1st round) would try and stay healthy and patrol center.  He was one of the players the Tigers traded to acquire Miguel Cabrera.  The corners would be shared by Cody Ross (1999 - 4th round), Curtis Granderson (2002 - 3rd round), Matt Joyce (2005 - 12th round), Brennan Boesch (2006 - 3rd round) and Tyler Colins (2011 - 6th round).  This would also leave them with a couple options at DH.

Starting Pitcher - Justin Verlander (2004 - 1st round) would continue to be the ace but R.A. Dickey (1993 - 10th round not signed) would be a good number two man if they had signed him.  Rick Porcelo (2007 - 1st round) would continue to show promise but be a disappointment in the third spot.  Jacob Turner (2009 - 1st round) would fit in the fourth slot.  Drew Smyly (2010 - 2nd round) would round out a pretty solid rotation.

Relief Pitching - No real closer among this list.  From the right side there is Jason Fraser (1994 - 33rd round) and Burke Badenhop (2005 - 12th round).  From the left side you have Kevin Chapman (2006 - 42 nd round) and Brian Flynn (2011 - 7th round).  That would not be enough to fill the pen so you would have to hope for a lot of complete games from their rotation.

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