Under 15 Tournament Countries Announced

It was originally scheduled 16 countries would participate in the under 15 tournament to be played in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Because of the interest the IBAF added two more countries to the tournament.  Below are the countries scheduled to play in the under 15 world cup.

Africa - South Africa and Tunisia (new addition)

Americas - Argentina (new addition), Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, United States and Venezuela

Europe - Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Lithuania

Asia - Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan

Oceania - Australia and New Zealand

Absent from the tournament are Korea, Netherlands and Canada.  Korea and Netherlands are not noted for developing their youth programs, though the Netherlands professional league is considered just below the Asian professional leagues and on a par with Italy.  The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has agreed to develop more youth leagues to increase the quality of play for their professional league now that they are expanding to ten teams next year.

The Dominican Republic does not have any kind of organization to develop a youth team.  Most of their youngsters are in the camps of the buscones trying to prepare for a major league career.  It would be asking a lot for the buscones to put together an all star team of their under 15 players to participate in an international tournament.

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