Rays 2014 Domestic Draft Team

Myworld is taking a look at all the major league teams to see what kind of 25-man roster they could field if they only relied on the players selected from the domestic draft and nothing else to stock their team. Only current major leaguers are considered for the 25 man roster. Realistically, some players would extend their career because without foreign players a job could still be available and others who never were called up could fill the empty positions. The Rays have a pretty impressive roster, but most of that can be attributed to their lower finishes and high number one draft picks they were awarded for poor seasons.  Now that they have had success and are finishing higher in the standings their draft picks have not been that great.  After the 2007 draft they have only produced three major leaguers, one of whom is out for the year with an injury (Tim Beckham) and two of whom are playing for different teams (Derek Dietrich and Zac Rosscup).

Catcher - John Jaso (2003 - 12th round) would give them a solid catcher, but they would lack a backup.  Joey Terdoslavich (2007 - 35th round) was drafted as a catcher but not signed.

1B - Luke Scott (2000 - 45th round) and Ike Davis (2005 - 19th round) are two players who could alternate between DH and first base.  Neither player was signed by the Rays.  Delmon Young (2003 - first round) is best at DH but could play first base and the Rays signed him.

2B - Derek Dietrich (2010 - second round) is a recent draft who could play this position.  He is now playing with the Marlins.  Mike Fontenot (1999 - 21st round) may still be hanging around, but the Rays did not sign him.  Tim Beckham (2008 - first round) would probably be the starter here once he got healthy.  If they had no concern for defense Ryan Raburn (1999 - 18th round) could play here in spurts, but he is another player the Rays did not sign.

Shortstop - Not a lot of options here.  Reid Brignac (2004 - second round) showed promise but then fizzled.  We liked his bat this spring and the Phillies have called him up.  Beckham could be the option by default if they wanted to fill second with Dietrich.

Third Base - They are set for life here with Evan Longoria (2006 - first round)

Outfield - The Rays are loaded here.  In addition to Young and Raburn, they would have Carl Crawford (1999 - second round), Josh Hamilton (1999 - first round) and Desmond Jennings (2006 - 10th round) as starters.  B.J. Upton (2002 - first round) and Johnny Gomes (2001 - 18th)  would make pretty good fourth outfielders and with Hamilton always on the DL you would need those.  You also have Jacoby Ellsbury (2002 - 23rd round) who was drafted by them but never signed.

Starting Pitchers - The Rays would still be strong in pitching.  Of those signed David Price (2007 - first round), Alex Cobb (2006 - 4th round), James Shields (2000 - 16th round), Jason Hammel (2002 - 10th round) and Wade Davis (2004 - third round) would fill a top five.  Injuries would prevent Matt Moore (2007 - 8th round), Jeremy Hellickson (2005 - 4th round) and Josh Johnson (2007 - 16th) from making a contribution.  Jason Stanridge (1997 - first round) is still pitching in Japan.  Chris Seddon (2001 - 5th round) pitched in Korea and is now in Japan.  Kris Medlen (2003 - 37th round), Mike Minor (2006 - 13th round) and Wade Miley (2005 - 20th round) are an impressive trio that were not signed but could make the starting five even more loaded.

Relief Pitching - In addition to some of the starters that would not make the rotation you could add Tommy Hunter (2005 - 18th round) as the closer, though the Rays did not sign him.  Heath Bell (1997 - 69th round) is another draft pick that was not signed.  Add to the unsigned list would be Mike Pelfrey (2002 - 15th round), Jared Hughes (2003 - 16th round) and Wade LeBlanc (2003 - 36th round).  Of those players the Rays drafted and signed Seth McClung (1999 - 5th round), Chad Gaudin (2001 34th round), Jake McGee (2004 - 5th round) and Zac Rosscup (2009 - 28th round) would fill the bullpen, but it would be an unimpressive list.

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